Apsara Picture

Apsaras are female Angels of the Third Sphere. In terms of power, they are no different than the Malakhim. In fact the Apsaras also share the same duty with the Malakhim, that being to deliver the heavenly message that Angels preach. However while the Apsaras have similar powers and duties to the Malakhim, what differs them from the Malakhim completely, other than aesthetics, is how they deliver the Angelic message. While the Malakhim deliver the message verbally, the Apsaras deliver it differently. They deliver it through dance.

Apsaras are in reality masterful dancers. While this may seem superfluous, what they dance is not any ordinary jig. What they dance is many can call the "Dance of the Divine". The dance is a fluid motion of an Apsara's body as if she's in water. The steps are simple but elegant in their simplicity. It promotes the female figure but not to the point of eroticism. It is a dance of warmth and gracefulness.

When one sees an Apsara doing such a dance, it is said that all their stress and inhibitions are put at ease. They feel something indescribable. As if they are reminded of home and simpler times before things got overly complicated. It is as if the whole world is at peace and full of hope. This in essence is what the Angels want to spread through their message. It is this that it is felt by some that the Apsaras convey the message better through their dance than the simple words of the Malakhim.

The dance the Apsaras do is graceful enough by itself. That so much is a fact. However it can be enhanced with the aid of other Angels. With the Apsaras' consorts, the Gandharvas, supplementing their dance with music and with a Bothria Trewan conducting them, what can be created is a spectacle worthy of praise from the very heavens themselves.


*Based on the Apsara from Hindu and Buddhist mythology [link]
*For her look, I was inspired by depiction of Zipporah in Dreamworks' The Prince of Egypt [link]
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