Lahabrea Picture

I am aware that a few of you have suggested NOT uploading my old work. I caved in to a few requests of friends.

Scion of Light. The opposing counterpart to Mateus the Corrupt and Gaurdian of the Dark Realm. Unlike Mateus, the human he attaches to is in a symbiotic relationship with him and they use their energies interchangably.

Lahabrea is a High Esper in the world of Ivalice after the Second Coming of Bahamut. High Esper of Lightning, he is seen with birdlike qualities, an entity of grace and beauty. His colour sign is aqua.

He is found in the Stillshrine of Miriam, searching for Mateus in order to fight and defeat him. The party must stop his battle with Mateus and upon defeating him they gain him as a summon.

Attacks: Ball-Lightning
Final Move: Skylight

(My attempt at giving a form to the "oppositions" to the espers mentioned in the FFXII beastiary. Here is the second, in opposition to Mateus the Corrupt. I chose colours and designs that put me in mind of the Thunder Bird of Native American mythology. gentle with comments. I'm not very good with creating monsters..)

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