I'll take care of it. Picture

My second photo manipulation! GAWD.

It's the best piece I've ever done in my whole sixteen *edit: sixteen, not seventeen* years' life so far! T______T *sniff* lol

I stumbled upon JLStock's gallery and I was like, "whu......?" And again I couldn't help but make another manipulation thing!

The girl there is my friend Grazee--this isn't a candid shot, like the pic I did with Orlen ("Er, what is she doing?" piece).. No, this pic was shot for our English project---Greek Mythology cosplays. We have to dress up for our roles and have our picture and compile everything. It was assigned back in July. Until now, we still haven't passed it. HAHA! It's amazing how our teacher could be sooo kind about it. (Bad, bad...)

Anyway! The rest of her cape was erased, haha I hope it's not that obvious..



Hair, Butterflies, Dragon & Background ©
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