God put a smile upon your face Picture

God put a smile upon your face (c) Coldplay

So... who believes me if I say that these misfits- yeah some of them who smoke and drink and stand there half-naked lost in their thoughts- are some of my RotG OC's from my fanfic [link] ?

It's supposed to be a kid's movie. These, evidently, aren't kids. But I had this vision; what if I created a fic in which the humanity was portrayed as it is, with actual dilemmas a bit more complicated than simply doing bad at school and some bully or two? What if the characters actually struggled with the choices of what to do in life, addictions, escaping the routine, morality issues, finding who you're supposed to be, and even taking a look at the poverty and misery of the world? And what if to this, we add the fantasy element of spirits and pookas and sprites and mythological beings actually existing?

This, of course, sounds a lot more dramatic than it actually is. I somehow managed to make the fic really humorous- or so I've been told. Kudos for me, I can actually write funny things. Who would have thought?

Anyway, about the characters themselves and why I've chosen those particular lyrics for their little sketches:

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