terpsichores arch Picture

ahh... just painted my toes this morning. this is what my feet look like after many long years of dancing.

if you're wondering about the title, which also happens to relate to my DA handle (terpsichorean), you might find this interesting:

terpsichorean [adj. turp-si-kah-RE-an or turp-si-KOR-e-an] The namesake of the adjective terpsichorean is the Greek muse Terpsichore. Terpsichore was one of the nine muses of Greek mythology. Often shown dancing and holding a lyre, she presided over the arts and sciences. Terpsichore was said to have inspired those who excelled at dancing. Not surprisingly, the adjective terpsichorean describes something that relates to dance. Example: "Amy's terpsichorean activities had given her an enviable grace and agility." The adjective has been in use in English since the 1800s.

fizznascinating, isn't it?
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