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Everybody seems to be doing this thing, so I'm doing it too (xDDDD).
I have much more influences, but I think these are the most important ones : ) they're in no particular order, btw.
I'll try to explain it!

1-Hermes and the Infant Dionysos, my favourite sculpture EVER, sculpted by Praxiteles. Ancient Greek and Roman cultures have fascinated me since I was a child, their mythology, religion, manners, society... everything! For me they were the best artists.
I also want to include here all the movies based on these cultures, being Ben-Hur, Quo Vadis and Imperium: Augustus my favourites, and of course, all the beautiful literature from those times ^^

2-Books. I've been always an avid reader, and books gave me the best inspiration to draw. I have to mention Enid Blyton because she was my first idol <3 I'm also grateful to J.K.Rowling for Harry Potter (though nowadays her books doesn't seem that special for me), because thanks to her series I started to take drawing more serious. Also inspired me Anne Rice and her Vampire Chronicles, and Roald Dahl, Michael Ende, Angela Sommer-Bodenburg, Elvira Lindo, Tolkien, Stoker, Laura Gallego ... and very, very much writers.

3-Digimon! I was very influenced by this anime some years ago ^^ but just the first season! The others were crap xD I even cried with Angemon's death... D:
I've been influenced too with other animes/cartoons from my childhood, but there are a great amount of them. I consider them tributed here : )

4-Fantasy movies. I've seen a looot of them, and I always enjoy them no matter what age I'm. And I hope I will enjoy them forever ^^
The movie on the image is called Desideria e l'Anello del Drago, is an Italian TV movie from 1994. I've seen it a lot of times and I can't stop enjoying it <333

5-Yu Yu Hakusho. Why isn't it in nº 3? Well, it's because it's special : )
Yu Yu Hakusho was my first serious anime obsession, and the reason to start writing fanfics and trying to improve my drawing skills. Also I was introduced to yaoi with this anime (and it was a mistake! The story is that I found a terribly pr0n fanfic about Kurama and Hiei, got traumatized, and like, hum, one week later, I was addicted xD).
And well, it was an entertaining anime too xDDDD

6-Fire Emblem! Probably one of my strongest influences. It's a saga of videogames very popular in Japan. The first one I played was Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken, the number 7 of the saga, which was the first released in my country.
Fire Emblem has influenced me in my character/clothing design, but also in the way I see fantasy. I could say that Fire Emblem's world is my ideal of a fantasy world : )

7-Simba! <3333
Who is the main character of Lion King, my favourite animation film forever and ever. I still cry while watching it, and I use to sing the songs almost every day. And yes, I think Simba is so damn sexy
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