Batwings the Siren Picture

WARNING: Spoilers for my fanfic, "HTTYD: Legends are Born", are to follow.

The Siren is a dragon that I made for HTTYD. In my opinion, it's my best fan-made dragon so far.

Sirens are extremely rare and elusive, and the only time they ever come into contact with humans is when they're hunting - indeed, they are the only dragon who feeds primarily on humans. Only one has ever been spotted on Berk, and it was only quick thinking from Hiccup and the gang that caused it to be successfully captured. It was first spotted in a section of the woods that opened up to the ocean, in the middle of the night. Its identity remained unknown even when it successfully caught and killed five Viking warriors. Since then, this Siren was befriended by Hiccup and given the name "Batwings".

These eel-like dragons are over forty feet long and extremely powerful, strong enough to crush boulders by constricting them. They are very graceful in the air, and even more so in the water. All other dragons have an instinctive fear of Sirens due to their resemblance to eels. Besides being powerful, agile, and almost unequaled in every aspect while underwater, Sirens have several unusual abilities that they use to their full advantage when hunting.

Their first ability is their special fire. The flames are produced just like any dragon, but they are a bright crimson instead of the regular orange, white, or blue. This signifies the fires' extremely weak strength - they aren't even hot enough to cause significant burns on their victims. However, because their flames are so weak, they barely need any fuel or oxygen to burn. A Viking could stay for up to a minute underwater and still be covered in flames. Because of this persistence, victims to a Siren's fire always die slow, painful deaths.

Their second ability is their song. In Greek mythology, Sirens were thought to use their song to lure humans to them - this is wrong. Their songs are so beautiful that they can lull even the toughest Viking into a deep, dreamless slumber. These songs are so feared, often a human will simply die of fear upon hearing the first lovely notes. Which makes absolutely no difference to the lurking Siren, by the way.

Their last and most unusual ability is that of shapeshifting. Sirens do indeed try to lure their prey, but not with their songs as popularly believed by the Greeks. Instead, they transform into a half-human, half-dragon form and use their appearance to draw victims close. Often, their humanoid forms are exceptionally handsome or beautiful, depending on the Siren's gender. However, this transformation is not perfect - Sirens retain their wings, head crests, and long fangs while in this form. These attributes need to be hidden if they are to be convincing enough to successfully lure their prey.

Sirens have several other frightening attributes, such as their venom. Only their longest pair of fangs secrete venom, which is not deadly but strong enough to cause intense pain for weeks after being bitten. This pair of fangs, as mentioned, remains unchanged when the Siren shapeshifts. Another attribute is their intelligence - their brains are on par with those of the most intelligent dragons, such as the Night Fury. Unnervingly, they are smart enough to quickly learn human speech, and will speak it fluently when in their humanoid form, but only if necessary. A Siren will never, ever, EVER speak with a being it does not trust.

Much of what Vikings know about Sirens comes from the sole member of the species currently living on Berk, dubbed "Batwings" as mentioned previously. Batwings has been shown to be kind and mostly friendly, although he is protective of his friends and trusts them with his life. He often acts as a translator between Vikings and their dragons. It is unknown whether or not he misses the taste of human flesh, as he has eaten nothing but fish since coming to Berk. He seems rather happy about it, though.

Batwings prides himself on his intuition. He says that when Sirens feel a certain way, these feelings never let them down. Often, he uses this intuition to "see" things that others might refuse to believe, and he almost always proves them wrong. The only time his intuition was wrong was when Heather came to Berk, and he insisted that she was to be trusted. Batwings was heartbroken upon learning that she was allied with the Outcasts, although quickly forgave her when he subsequently learned that she was forced against her will into the role of villain.

No other Siren has been seen on Berk since Batwings left along with Heather, after she had revealed that she was actually a female Siren. After admitting that he had fallen in love with the young dragon, he bid the inhabitants of Berk farewell and has not been seen since then. It is assumed that the two of them have found a peaceful place to live somewhere across the ocean.
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