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I just felt like it =w=

I gave my sister my phone and told her to pick random songs, and put them in a designated playlist. Silly me. Took about 5 minutes to show her how to do it. =w="

Numbah 1: Umbrella by Rihanna. I don't care that I misspelled it. Well, first, I blame Psygirl from youtube, because she had a clip with Temari's fan as an umbrella. >.< Well, I just imagined Shikamaru singing the boy's parts, but he's not agreeing, claiming 'it's too troublesome'. I support ShikTem so nyah. xP

Numbah 2: The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls. Well, Naruto and Sakura just finished a mission...By the looks, I'm thinking their going to go get ramen, and make Kakashi-sensei pay. Inner Sakura agrees. Maybe, *shot'd* I support NaruSaku. XP

Numbah 3: Roses Are Red by Aqua. You'll get it if you've seen Naruto Abridged. Earthy now commands you to see it xP CLUCKEH!

Numbah 4: How To Save A Life by The Fray. Konohamaru and Naruto are sad because of the hokage's death. Kakashi's sad because of his father's death, or maybe whoever else died that was close to him. 4th Hokage? Someone he thinks is dead?

Numbah 5: GO!!! by Flow. Haha. I blame my sister. I have NO idea whatsoever what the scroll says. NO idea. Yup. That's it.

Numbah 6: Celebrate The Summer by Lacuna. Haha. The drawing amused me. I blame my father on this one. hours before I drew it he had dragged me to a museum where we got to see an exhibit on mythological creatures. It was almost pretty much unicorns, mermaids and dragons. *yawn* Possibly ItaKis for yaoi fans.

Numbah 7: The Reason by Hoobastank. I had no idea who'd it fit, so I just did Duck-butt-head. Those are supposed to be bandages around his forehead. (All except for 8 and 4 are shippuden) SasuSaku for you fans. *shakes head*

Numbah 8: White & Nerdy by Weird Al Yankovic. I suppose I could've used Lee, but I liked using Kabuto better. Kabuto! I chooze you!

Numbah 9: Hero's Come Back by Nobodyknows. The drawing with the most fail. My creativity was at rock bottom. Yay for fail! I was running out of time

Numbah 10: Animal I've Become by Three Days Grace. How original. Zank you sister. Well, that drawing was made of fail too. The first time I sketched this, he looked happy, so I was like 'O.o' and tried to best to change that.

Haha. Those are the people I choose. Do you have a problem with that?

Naruto (c) Kishimoto
Meme (c)
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