The Chronichers Log:The Incubi Picture

Blaze is a fire type incubus and he likes to get into as much trouble as a pyromaniac on speed lol that and sex and his mechanic job, he's a mechanic of anything mechanical a steampunk incubus worker slave flamboyant (yes he's bi) boy thing lol.

the old paper I made myself, omg the font is pissing me off it's the only one I could find that looked like letter handwriting and had BIG cappitals and SMALL lower case.

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"a nightmare in otherwords is an incubus (from the Latin, incubo, or nightmare; plural incubi) is a demon in male form who, according to a number of mythological and legendary traditions, lies upon sleepers, especially women, in order to have sex with them. Its female counterpart is the succubus. An incubus may pursue sexual relations with a woman in order to father a child, as in the legend of Merlin.[1] Religious tradition holds that repeated intercourse with an incubus or succubus may result in the deterioration of health, or even death.[2]

Medieval legend claims that demons both male and female sexually prey on human beings, generally during the night when the victim is sleeping."

-wikipedia (type in incubus)

Poem by

Erasmus Darwin

"The Nightmare"

So on his Nightmare through the evening fog
Flits the squab Fiend o'er fen, and lake, and bog;
Seeks some love-wilder'd maid with sleep oppress'd,
Alights, and grinning sits upon her breast.
Such as of late amid the murky sky

Was mark'd by Fuseli's poetic eye;
Whose daring tints, with Shakspeare's happiest grace,
Gave to the airy phantom form and place.—
Back o'er her pillow sinks her blushing head,
Her snow-white limbs hang helpless from the bed;
Her interrupted heart-pulse swims in death.

O'er her fair limbs convulsive tremors fleet,
Start in her hands, and struggle in her feet;
In vain to scream with quivering lips she tries,
And strains in palsy'd lids her tremulous eyes;
In vain she wills to run, fly, swim, walk, creep;
The Will presides not in the bower of Sleep.
—On her fair bosom sits the Demon-Ape
Erect, and balances his bloated shape;
Rolls in their marble orbs his Gorgon-eyes,
And drinks with leathern ears her tender cries.

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