Fakemon OC: Sherakain ::Natalie:: Picture

Name: Natalie

Gender: Female

Height: (Unknown)

Weight: (Unknown)

Species: Sherakain

Moves: Spider Web, String Shoot, Pin Needle, Agility, Quick-Catch, Sap Shot

Type: Dark, Bug

Relationship Status: Single

Trainer: No One/Wild

Description: Natalie lives on an island nearby a very little Pokémon village; she is referred to their “Widow of Grace”. She lives in a nearby cave 20 metres from the coastal beach. She is one of a rare species called the “Sherakain”, the island has different kinds of threats. She is one of the residents who usually doesn’t get talked to, some don’t visit the village very often, whether it’s her fashion or he appearance. So she is pretty shy and quiet, however she does help other villagers who ask for her help. Although she does get a little careless and is either: ganged up on by rogues and caught by “Trap-Plants”. She does get out when caught by rogues, however if it’s the “Trap-Plant”, then she need more help because it takes her several days to escape while most it takes a 1 week and 2 days. She is a reliable ally and a fierce fighter, she usually makes art out of her webs and designs them in all different ways. Although sometimes when she gets caught, she can't help but feel a little part of enjoyment, sometimes she uses her web to "capture" herself.

Species Explanation: A Sherakain is a type of Pokémon that was relatable to the mythological creature called a “Drider” which captures victims and cocoons them for an unknown reason. The Sherakain on the other hand likes to wrap up its victims in web and in lots of vines and ropes, then begins to play with its victims like it was teasing it, by tickling and spinning them while they are hanging upside down. The Sherakain are usually single, if there are two they are mated, when they plant their “egg”, they put it in a web and wait for it to hatch and grow up with it, there is only one egg for a mate.

Interests: Bondage, catching victims, getting in trouble (sometimes), nice strolls across the island, creating beautiful webs, making art out of webs.

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