Glory. Picture

That sickness, that feeling inside you
That's weakness, don't let it divide you
Keep this, that feeling of pride too
Digging up bones which you buried the truth

Children, hypocrisy, that's what I give, you can take it from me
If you don't, won't live to see
One last act of tragedy
A mother's heart can make me humble
No life lost can make me stumble
Our empire will never crumble

We did it for the glory
The glory
Only the glory
We live inside a story
It's a story
All for the glory

The crowds of Asgard parted silently as he was walked through the great All father's golden halls. The only noises that could be heard were the clicking of his boots against the cold stone floor and a few agitated whispers and mumbles.

"Is that Loki?"


"He shouldn't be allowed back."

He picked up everything, every whisper, every glance and every glare. Most of them parted in fear and their gazes, while trying to be cold, held the same fear that he'd witnessed down in midgard. Fond memories.

Once they reached the throne room, a sizable crowd had already gathered awaiting judgement that was sure to come. Apparently after leaving him with the guards, Thor had run like a good boy to tell daddy and was now stood beside his father, who after all this time still looked weak and frail. Odin's gaze was locked onto his son, who returned it with an unwavering, ice-cold stare.

He was pulled up in front of the golden steps leading towards the throne he had once sat in and given a swift nudge as a signal to bow to his king. A grunt sounded in his throat as even more pressure was put upon his shoulders as if to force him but he still refused and quickly managed to rip out of the guards' grip to face them, body tense as if expecting a fight. However, the great king simply raised his hand and the guards bowed themselves then stood still. Slowly Loki turned, his every move graced with an almost sickening air of cruel confidence. His gaze met his 'father's' again and he finally gave the bow he'd been asked for, though as he raised his head again a smirk had crossed his expression, and though his mouth was covered by the muzzle, it was more than visible in his gleaming emerald eyes.

Thor stood quietly beside his father, though when Loki's gaze snapped his way for a brief second, he couldn't help but want to step forward, to release and comfort him, to tell him everything was going to be fine and that he would never dream of hurting him again. Odin seemed to have noticed this and quickly placed his arm in front of his eldest son before addressing the smaller.
"Loki," he spoke softly, his tone that of a man who'd been hurt, not physically, but emotionally; "I just want to know...why?"
Loki stood quietly for a moment. He glanced back at the guards who still stood as rigid as stone, before looking back up at his father and breaking out in a string of hand movements that could have gone with an explanation if he hadn't been muzzled. Finishing with a rather dramatic shrug, he soon took his proud stance again, though that smirk seemed to have widened and, inside, he was having a struggle to stop himself from laughing at their stupidity. However neither Thor nor Odin found this funny and the guards quickly realised their mistake and stepped forward to remove the prince's restraints, though leaving his feet still shackled to prevent him running if that had ever been his plan.

Finally with the muzzle gone, father and his golden son would have their answers. But, as Loki looked back up at his king, the only words that made their way past his lips were, "For the glory." The hall suddenly erupted in maddened shouts and cries, none of them important to the prince, but all so very enjoyable. He could hear cries for his exile, punishment, even for one of death, but once again they were silenced by their King raising a wrinkled hand.

"Oh father, are you not going to listen to your faithful subjects?" Loki suddenly spat, venom dripping off of his every word. "I'm just as curious as they. Please, enlighten me, enlighten us all as to what you plan to do with me." Odin, brow furrowed, opened his mouth to respond, but was cut off by another shout.
"Exile!" Once brave guard shouted and a few jeers followed, accompanied by a mocking laugh from the prisoner.
"An excellent suggestion. But tell me, father, where would you send me? Surely not midgard...Jötunheimr perhaps? No, they would slaughter me before I could take my first step."
"A death finally deserved," spoke a female voice, and no sooner did the Lady Sif step to the front of the crowd, her gaze cold enough to match her old friend's. Thor looked horrified at her outburst but it only brought another smirk from Loki.

"Thank you Sif, that will be all," the King finally interjected, giving her a glance before focusing himself on his youngest son once again. "Loki Odinson, you wish to know your punishment and so you shall. You referred to yourself as just another stolen relic in the past, so be it. Guards, take him and lock him away, I am no longer in need of him."

A few of the crowd looked a little disappointed with All father's decision, but nobody dear speak up about it. Thor tried, but the saddened look on his father's face even as he spoke stopped him. So, feeling completely helpless, he watched as the muzzle was forced back over his brother's mouth and he was lead away from the hall. Loki however grinned all of the walk towards his new chambers. He was never afraid of what would happen to him under his father's rule, the only reason why he had allowed himself to be captured so easily. Now the Chitauri were a different matter entirely. The 'Avengers' had managed to defeat a small number of them, but like any virus they will quickly replenish themselves and without their promised Tesseract, Loki knew that on his own he would soon be dead. This is why he wasn't afraid, why he'd provoked his father and why he'd come here; why run from your real enemies when old ones can protect you?


Other characters from Norse mythology
Storyline, events and depictions of characters(c)Marvel
Lyrics(c)Hollywood Undead - Glory

Wrote the story up today and felt the need to draw Loki. I was never going to finish/post either of the two but I kinda had a relapse. Sorry guys XD

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