Uemaru and Daphne Picture

(Descriptions copied from their respective posts at [link])

A Deco City tengu kid, Uemaru is a child of the long-standing Kurobane clan (the name means "black feathers"). They're an organized crime family, operating out of the Koedo neighborhood of the city and considered largely untouchable; people who've tried to capture the Kurobane usually end up dead. Uemaru is different, though; although his family boasts about being free from all laws and able to do whatever they want, he can see things a bit more clearly and recognizes that the whole family has been bound by the chains of underworld politics, and one day they'll have to face justice. Uemaru wants no part of that, and so he runs away, taking one of his family's fan-blades with him just in case he has to defend himself. He may only be 13 years old, but he knows more than a few of the family's secret stealth and assassination tricks.

The tengu of Deco City are based on the karasu-tengu of Japanese mythology, although I've defined them a bit more coherently for the setting. They're a griffin-like cross between a crow and a human - an avian head, talons, and wings, attached to the lower half of a black-skinned human body. This is why Uemaru can wear pants and shoes with no trouble (apart from the obligatory tail-hole in back of his pants, but that's hardly unusual in Deco). Uemaru is also very small - tengu tend to be, and he's not even fully grown yet; he's barely 2 1/2 feet tall - so his wings are just about big enough to let him fly under his own power. Although he's trying his hardest to shed his family's reputation - exercising freedoms he was never allowed to have while under their wing - Uemaru still talks like a gangster and doesn't have any social graces to speak of.

Daphne is half human, half a mixture of other things; although her body is covered in golden fur, she's otherwise human apart from the lion-like tail and the two heads. Her brain is located in her chest, next to her stomach - both heads share a single consciousness, and she only argues with herself when she's acting. They also share a single stomach (both esophagi connect in a Y-shape just above), and although each head only connects to a single lung, both lungs work equally well for respiration; she can use one or both as needed.

Daphne is a sensitive, conscientious child; even without the extra help from her four eyes and four ears, she can often instinctually tell if something near her is amiss. She keeps her desk in order and has good study habits, although with no other kids her age around, she's grown up a bit lonely (if precocious). She'll find friends as she grows up, with luck, although the number of places a two-headed beast-girl wouldn't be regarded as a freak is actually rather small.
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