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I've wanted to do this for a while and I finally got around to sitting down and thinking about thinking. What makes me tick? Who do I admire and why? Surprisingly (or not), this helps me to know how I go about art. I know I didn't follow the rules of 1 3x3, 3 2x1s, but whatever. They were just guidelines anyway. But onto the details and CREDITS! I DON'T OWN ANY IMAGES ON HERE. I USED THEM HERE FOR A MEME AND NOTHING MORE. If you are the original artist and would like your picture removed, comment/note me and I'll fix it ASAP.

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Format (if applicable)
Deviant (link to specific one used) - WHY

~Canyx ([link])- watching him has gotten me trying a previously new style: Tribals! I love the simplicity he portrays, and of course the subject matter is a plus.

MUSIC! Even if I don't have headphones in or Pandora going, something is going through my head. If I have to make it up, so be it. Or I'll sketch while my roommates play DDR/Rock Band. I mostly listen to pop songs and things from the 90's. I realize there are much more original lyrics and compositions out there, but to each his (or in my case, her) own.

=lunabellvarga ([link]) This lovely one helped me sooo much when I started in chainmailling. Her tutorials are very nice and she's just so creative! Oh, she has an etsy too. It's here: [link]

Blizzard! This picture specifically is of Deathwing, main evil dude of the recent expansion for World of Warcraft, Cataclysm. I absolutely love Blizzard artwork. There's a certain majesty, epic-ness and grace to it that I just love. Want to see more? Check out ~Arsenal21 a.k.a. Raneman. He's art director for Blizzard Entertainment.

Compilations and epic masses of things. Things like Pokemon. The first one here is [link] of *purplekecleon and it's a drawing of every single Pokemon as of Gen 3. It may not the most detailed piece but I can clearly see the determination that went into it.

POKEMON If you hadn't noticed, I love Pokemon. I'm old enough to remember when Red/Blue/Yellow came out. My first Pokemon game was Red. I made this choice based on the important fact that the red fire lizard looked cooler than the blue turtle. Pikachu may be Pokemon's mascot, but in my mind, that's Charizard's job. Pokemon made up a great deal of my childhood and I hope to continue playing the series for a long time coming.

More epic compilations. The one with all the Eeveelutions and Lapras is [link] by *Ninja-Jamal Not only does it have 4 generations of Pokemon in gorgeous color, they all interact with each other and he even took sizing into account. A must see for anyone.

The next compilation of Pokemon is a simpler style. It's almost like tribals, but not quite. See? [link] by *lunascythedragon It looks easy to do, but trust me when I say, it's waay harder than you think. Sure anyone can add details, but to make recognizable characters with a minimal amount of lines? Love it.

Abstract drawings. Phew, you made it through most of my fan art squeeing. This one is [link] by ~beb112358. It's mesmorizing. So much so that I can't spell it correctly. He's got a few others, go check them out.

The giant 3x2? ATCs and ACEOs. And mythology, all in one! This specific ACEO is [link] by *yaichino. I like the idea of tinier art for the sense of accomplishment and trading. Mythology is a fall back for me. I don't know what to draw? Pick a mythical being. Whoo. Insta topic.

Kitty [link] done by ~gabo-the-baka. I replied to a forum post for free requests. What a got was an awesome picture of a kitty remarkably similar to mine. So squee! Awesome people are great.

Next up is... dun dun dun! =cartoongirl7 ([link]) I love seeing people's unfinished works and random doodles. I also love the grace that comes across in her work. Her DD awarded Game On is fantastic and I love her crosshatching. >.> No, I'm not a crazy fan-girl.

Journal sketches. This one is [link] by *revcruz It's lovely, simple and honest. And the shading is great. I can only hope my journal could look like that.

More other awesome person: ~Keitorin01. She made this for me: [link] I gave her the vaguest description ever of an OC and she made it wonderfully. Check out her journal for info on her latest project, a deck of OCs. Very cool.

Last but not least: MEMES! And what other meme could I put other than this one? Blank here: [link] by `fox-orian
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