The Persian Unicorn Picture

The Persian Unicorn is an elusive beast, now possibly extinct after all the poaching. It was once thought to be the reason behind the original belief that the unicorn existed at all. Funny, that. This unicorn was neither equine or Persian at all. In fact it was located in China and parts of northern Australia. It is entirely possible that it was also the reason for the origins of kirin and Chinese dragons. It had no wings, but with its long neck and tail, somehow it managed to balance itself gracefully whenever it ran through the thicket. It must have been marvelous to see this creature in action. It is possible that it wasn't a very peaceful creature, despite what mythologies said about unicorns adoring the laps of virgin girls. But then again, this was a sentient creature with its own biases and emotions. It is said that it wore the entrails of men, especially rapists, around its neck until eventually they turned into the silky strands of its mane. There has never been a rumor about the death of a female human, so maybe there is truth to the creature managing to find admiration, or at least pity, for the virgin girls.
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