Cliffs of Moher Picture

Cold. She remembered how cold it had been that night, on the cliffs of the Irish Sea. The mist that rolled off the water had a mystical quality, and she had walked the fine line between dreams and reality.

Annie's brow knitted as she tried to remember the scene more clearly. Something about that hour, and the way the wind had blown off the steely water - it muffled her memory of the exquisite scene that had unfolded before her.

But had it actually ever happened? The field below the hill she had crested was dotted with a small band of little grey mares. They seemed to glow in the fullness of the moonlight. All at once they raised their heads, ears pricking in Annie's direction. She stood absolutely still, breathless at the sight of them, tiny four-legged angels spread over the countryside.

Suddenly the wind changed its course, whipping her loose curls abour her face. Gasping, she fought wildly to clear her sight - and gasped again: All the horses were facing away from her, standing at attention, watching, waiting.

It was apparent moments later what they had heard. Across the dell, a magnificent chestnut stallion rose above the opposite hill, fiery mane and tail blowng in the breeze. Calmly he descended to the field below, and the little mares clustered about him like a sparkling white mist. The wind, gentle once more, brought the sound of soft whickers to Annie's ears as the stallion touched noses with each of his charge.

What a beautiful scene, like something out of a fairytale, she thought. It rooted her to the ground she stood upon, unable to tear her eyes away. A soft sigh escaped her lips - and suddenly the stallion noticed her, and pinned her with a piercing green gaze.

Annie gasped again. Horses didn't have green eyes! She blinked furiously, as if the mist was somehow playing a trick on her. But no - a second good look confirmed what could not be denied. In the light of the moon where everything took on a blue, muted tone, the chesnut stallion's green, green eyes glowed up at her, mesmerizing her.

And how familiar they seemed! Annie grasped at straws as the stallion and his glowing band of mares came cautiously closer, sniffing at the rolling winds. All too soon they reached a the end of the mares' comfort zone, and they held back while the stallion continued up Annie's side of the valley.

Her heartbeat quickened as he drew closer. Still she was held captive in that lush gaze, young and intelligent. As his front hooves came even with her own booted feet, her breath caught in her throat, heart pounding. For a moment they simply stood and sized each other up. She was terrified to move, didn't want to scare away this magnificent creature. But he stood calmly before her, blowing soft horsey breath into the night.

Drawing up her courage, Annie slowly, cautiously lifted a hand - nothing more - and waited. A moment later the stallion shifted - she squeezed her eyes tighly closed - and she felt his velvety soft muzzle touch her upraised palm. Opening her eyes, she was captivated once more by the glittering green eyes. They seemed to laugh softly at her. I won't hurt you, they said. A small smile graced her lips, and her hand became more bold, slowly stroking between the stallion's nostrils.

The grassy eyes grew soft and dewy, and his head dropped a few inches, relaxing. Annie's own eyes widened in wonder at the magical quality of the moment.

And then it was gone, cold and harsh as the wind seemingly swept the entire scene away. The mist renewed itself, sweeping between herself and the horses, stronger than ever that night. It swirled around her, twirling her skirts around her legs and sending her reeling for her center of gravity.

And just like that, it was over. The sky cleared, and the stars and moon shone brighly over an empty landscape. There was no sign of the angelic mares or their fiery leader. Annie's breath fanned out in front of her as she looked wildly around. Was it just a dream? She decided that maybe it was best to say it was. Eyes wide, she turned carefully away from the deceptive valley, and headed quickly for the warm hearth waiting for her at home...


8D Story tiemz~! Possibly the longest scene I actually have written down, most of this mess has yet to leave my brain. I know, I know, I'm SO not a writer. I prefer to illustrate scenes from other stories, such as to be considered fan art. XD But Fawn and Annie are characters dear to my heart, so I gotta at least attempt to get their story out to the world. :3

So yeah. This is Fawn. Surprise! 8D He's a puca, a horse fairy, oft refered to in Irish mythology. Ever wondered why he's so good with horses? lol

So, going back, I've recently realized that maybe I subconscienciously based Fawn off one of my favorite childhood books, "The Grey Horse" by R.A. MacAvoy. Here's the summary, thanks to

Set against the colorful and magical backdrop of Ireland, The Grey Horse chronicles a time when the Irish people suffered under harsh English overlords who sought to destroy their culture and way of life. Into the Irish town of Carraroe, a magnificent, completely grey stallion appears. The horse brings with him the promise of better times and magical happenings, for he is actually the shape-shifted form of Ruairi MacEibhir, journeyed to such a time of danger in order to win the hand of the woman he loves."

I totally need to reread that book again now. >w< So anyway, this is my first completed painting this year! I was texting bff ~horsesrock12 earlier, saying how I had to DUST OFF my tablet today to get cracking. Absurd! I used to LIVE to draw, so what happened?? I guess I'm too far socially removed now to get inspired or something. :<

Egads. Just enjoy the picture, if anything. I need to sleep. XD

Oh yeah and before I forget--technical stuff. Uploading this at a higher resolution so more details are clear. The full canvas is 2k x 2.5k pixels...

(OH MY GOD now I'll have to find a horse figure for the resins to be horsey!Fawn. Oh jeez...)

Fawn (horse and human) (C) ME

PLEASE do not use my art without permission. Thanks!
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