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now we've covered that;
yes, I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I couldn't resist. I got Jerome a new pet. and I figured the best way to do that would to make a quick comic page of some sort. ;w;
anyway, if you didn't pick up already; I decided it'd make more sense around this point in time to have Jerome working in his new job rather than running around being a pirate. So yes-- I don't know, but, he's in his second or third week as stable-keeper here? That's just a rough estimate, I don't know-- could be a few days, could be a week-- I suppose it doesn't matter, all you need to know is that he's a stable boy instead of a pirate for now xD

I'm going to make a reference for his new parrot dragon in a day or so, but for now; here, have a long-winded introduction to her! I suggest you stop here if you don't want to read a whole dang lot xD;;

Meet Xiuhcoatl!

This old girl is an elegant female parrot-dragon, who appears in the shape of a sulphur-crested cockatoo in her parrot form, and is intelligent enough to solve simple puzzles, and appear, at best, to be an incredible empathetic animal!

Xiuhcoatl’s previous owners were professors and serpentine enthusiasts and Xiuhcoatl was somewhat of a cross between a pet and a test subject; after they were evicted from their house, due to a lack of funds, they had no choice but to cast their beloved Xiuhcoatl onto the streets to fend for herself. Xiuhcoatl took to stealing food from the palace stables in order to feed herself—in parrot form, of course, as a giant feathery dragon isn’t exactly a conspicuous disguise—but while doing so, she bumped foreheads with a rough-talking and a rough-looking stable-keeper; which happened to be none other than the ex-pirate Jerome Saintjohn. She’d managed to steal a week’s worth of food before she got caught by him.

Xiuhcoatl, of course, was not some sort of criminal beast or of ill-intent. She wasn’t even a pest. She was just a hungry animal attempting to sustain herself. And Jerome could easily find sympathy within himself for a fellow thief.

What he didn’t realise was that this creature wasn’t actually a cockatoo. Jerome offered the animal feed, and was completely enthralled to discover how tame and lovely she was, without so much of an inkling to her true form. Jerome might have been a little rugged and a little coarse but Xieuhcoatl, being an animal, wasn’t able to draw the same conclusions about him that sentient men and women were able to draw from his eye-patch, battle scars and pirate attire. All she came to see was a person who gentle and remarkably kind to her—after being on the streets, she had discovered that many men weren’t as kind as her owners had been. People had threatened to pluck her, they’d shooed her off stalls, they’d thrown things; but for whatever reason, this over-masculininated pirate didn’t do any of those things. So she couldn’t help but take to him.

Jerome knew what it was like to be on the streets, and even though he’d like you to think otherwise, he has a soft spot for animals. His uncharacteristic kindness toward Xiuhcoatl was innate.

… and it was only then, after she felt comfortable enough around him, that Xiuhcoatl revealed her true form to her newfound friend—she was no cockatoo, it seemed, but a dragon.
And Jerome nearly pissed himself.

Xiuhcoatl has been with Jerome ever since—even though he tried to shoo her off, it seemed that the little meal he’d offered her had sealed her attachment to him. Jerome isn’t sure how he feels about suddenly having a fire-breathing dragon-cockatoo as a pet.
But at times, it doesn’t feel like Xiuhcoatl is the pet. She treats Jerome like the pet—or, at least like a small child. Jerome can be so rash and so incompetent at times, and with his track record with his pets, Xiuhcoatl, being the serene and empathetic creature that she is, seems to have taken it upon herself to keep her master out of trouble. And groom him once every hour or so.

She acts as a good contrast to Jerome’s personality. He’s been having very few fits of temper than he used to after acquiring her as a companion—she knows exactly the moment to nibble his ear, or give his shoulder a nudge, to make sure he calms down. Xiuhcoatl is extremely in-tune with her master and, at times, her presence is almost therapeutic for him. He sorely misses his pup, Bonny, and Xiuhcoatl seemed to fill the void his dead mutt had left. Not to mention, having a large parrot on one’s shoulder is very piratical. She’s almost a fashion statement.

Jerome hasn’t stuck with “Xiuhcoatl” as her name (which, for the interested, is the name of a mythological Aztec serpent). It’s too long and too difficult for him to pronounce. It doesn’t work with his brogue.
He rechristened her Angel, after a while of referring to her as “me little angel”. The same way he came up with Bonny’s name.
The name seems to fit her. Especially when considered she does, to some extent, consider herself Jerome’s guardian angel. She stays on Jerome’s shoulder in cockatoo form most of the time, as that way she can be with him 24/7, but she takes every opportunity she came to change back to her dragon form and seems to prefer being a dragon by a long while.

Angel is a very calm animal and is not high-maintaince, unlike most cockatoos are. She mostly enjoys napping in the sun and taking long flights in the afternoon, and her favourite food are melons, which she can swallow whole in her dragon form. She’s an incredibly regal animal and is very well-behaved; however, don’t be fooled by her tame nature or how like a giant parrot she acts. Angel is a dragon. And she can defend herself, or her master, exactly like a dragon should.

Angel also has a mischievous streak to accompany her placid personality, which she seems to have picked up from her master. This mostly only extends to her biting people and repeating back rude phrases she picked up from Jerome. Though her vocabulary is very limited, due to her dragon intelligence Angel is very slowly learning to associate names with people. But all she can say so far is “juh-room”. Which, obviously, is her best attempt at saying “Jerome”. Over time, it’s presumed she’ll slowly learn the names of people whom Jerome is frequently around. Or at least know the nicknames Jerome calls them.

But what’s the real reason Jerome and Angel get along so swimmingly?

They share one true love; AKA, the sky.

After leaving piracy, Jerome has also had to give up sailing. And he misses being up in the sky. He misses the feeling of flying. He missed the exhilaration and the clarity of mind.
Angel filled that void having his sailor’s rights stripped away had left. So, when one thinks about it; he managed to fill two voids at once, his pet-void and his flying-void. And Jerome adores her for it.

And even though they might be a little dysfunctional as masters-and-pets go, with how Angel is constantly trying to baby her master, how Jerome keeps treating her like a dog and doesn’t seem to remember how to look after a parrot, and not to mention the fact that they’re almost polarisations of each other persona-wise(Jerome being thuggish and inelegant, Angel being graceful and majestic)—that all seems irrelevant when you see how well they work together in flight, and just how much they both seem to love being in the air. It’s an unspoken connection, and it’s not the sort of connection Jerome’s ever likely to have again with any other animal.

ohlordylord i am reallyreallyreally excited to start roleplaying with this lil cockatoo nrfghf ;o;
she's gonna lick everyone

parrot dragons / parakeet dragons are (c) *meap646
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