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Below is a bunch of world-building jargon associated with or focusing on Iowyrthe (and the people he governs). It's long so forgive me, but I do not draw Iowyrthe as much as I'd like. So I never know if I'll draw him again so I am never sure if I would be able to break this information up (hence why you are getting some of it in a giant entry). However, Iowyrthe is a complex character and I suggest reading it to at least understand the basic gist of him and what surrounds him; Iowyrthe is one of my characters who is extremely important to the storyline of my story but rarely makes an appearance in it. He does a lot of background stuff that is never the focal point of my stories (well the main arcs, though I am working on one just for him because, well he is my favorite elven King; I luff him) but he is always making decisions that influence a lot of things the protagonists do. (Plus a lot of the lore that people read is actually written by Iowyrthe. He makes books upon books of mythology and history and publishes it for people to read. He hates ignorance so yeah...bringing truth and knowledge to people one book at a time. *thumbs up*)

This is a character who has been mentioned in passing in other entries I have made but has never made an appearance himself. This is King Iowyrthe in the flesh (now re-vamped from his original conception which is still nice, but not how the northern culture is anymore so I had to change him); my mischievous, devious, and altogether suave King of Orieithyia (the northern elven kingdom). He likes to meddle in the affairs of humans and has more magic than he really should. King Iowyrthe is watched carefully by the Daldacons (they're gods/goddess' in my story) because he was able to break the seal curse of his dragon form they placed on him. All of the original rebels (and non-rebels who participated in fighting with the rebels) were cursed to be sealed into their elven form during the Dragon Rebellion era. Iowyrthe was a powerful influence during that time and was one of the leaders of the rebellion because it sounded "fun" to him; it was not because he necessarily agreed with the rebellion itself. You can tell the First Elves from those born after the rebellion because all the first elves have a seal tattoo on their backs running along their spines.

Though Iowyrthe broke his seal with his immense magical abilities, the tattoo is still on his back though part of it is missing. Iowyrthe is one of the only First Elves to break the seal and can turn back into his original form: a dragon; okay he is the only one besides the Iron King and no one has heard of him in over a thousand years. (All elves are actually dragons but are not awakened to their power due to the curse of forgetting by the Daldacons (a prophesy spoken by Tirta the Water Daldacon). Those elves not the First Elves can, in actuality, turn into a dragon but since they are not aware of the power they cannot. So those that realize they can and do so become "awakened" elves. About 95% of the Northern elf population is awakened due to Iowyrthe informing them of this power. If there is one thing Iowyrthe can't stand it is ignorance.

Anyways, Iowyrthe is the good character who seems to be more a villain than a "good" character. I'd not call him an anti-hero (nor a Byronic hero) because he is not inferior nor is he disrespectful so much as he is so sarcastic and blunt that it offends people, he is just rather self-driven. He will do things or agree to things that amuse him, and entertain him. He is wise which makes him dangerous. He knows exactly the trouble he will cause or get into when he agrees to things and enjoys the thrill of it. He is disliked by many elves who are not northern because he is not motivated to good choices all the time (essentially altruistic). He might help an enemy simply to see what will happen but then change his mind half-way through helping them and wipe out the entire enemy just to see the result. Despite the "chaos" Iowyrthe likes to cause, he prefers order and likes to stick to tradition. However Iowyrthe also has a habit of changing his mind without really telling people. Yet, when Iowyrthe declares loyalty to a kingdom or clan, etc, he never changes his mind unless the other clan/kingdom turns on him or begins to make choices he finds stupid and unwise. (And even then most of the time he ignores them until they cause a real problem.)

Iowyrthe will only get himself into messes he knows he can get out of, but this does not stop him from taking on a challenge when presented with one. Iowyrthe is eccentric in personality and tends to exaggerate for the sake of being annoying to people. He might take an extremely round-about way to say something simply to irritate his guests when he could have answered them in a sentence. Iowyrthe is so clever and intelligent that few things surprise him. (Which he likes to tell people, and even has a joke with himself about how much he repeats it, in which he says, "Ah, well it seems I am doomed to repeat myself. Yet no one listens to poor old Iowyrthe.") This is mainly due to his age (which ranges in the thousands as he was before the Dragon Rebellion which happened in the mid first era known as the "Dragon Era" as humans did little during this time and shape-shifters were rather hermit like in attitude, they generally still are) and also due to his immense knowledge (because of his age). Elves rarely forget anything that they read, heard, learned, seen, or done. They are both blessed with essentially perfect memories and cursed with it. Most traits that elves have are traits dragons posses due to their actual race as dragons.

Something interesting about Iowyrthe (if everything else you have read bores you to death): his eyes change depending on his mood or if he changes them personally. So Iowyrthe has a natural "mood ring" but in his eyes. His eye color will range from almost completely clear (his 'ice' color) to a rich rich blue-purple. Sometimes he will have multiple colors in his eyes at once and he often can make his eyes "swirl" or rather he makes the illusion that his cornea's are swirling like stirred water. Thus if I draw him with different colored eyes then don't worry: I do know my own character. Generally he prefers the almost blue ice color because it makes him seem harsh and intimidating (he doesn't need help though...). Plus a lot of people stereotypically expect him to be "ice like" because of where he lives and he loves to play with stereotypes.

Iowyrthe rarely gets angry because everything amuses him more than anything. He, as you can tell in the drawing, is prone to sticking crystals, beads, bangles, leather, etc in his hair; this is a trait picked up by all northern elves and is, generally, a form of status and profession. A blacksmith might wear wrapped leather in their hair to show their occupation. A merchant might wear gold pieces in their hair and a mage-elf might wear crystals and strange jewels in their hair. Braids, unlike in Lethe and Eremos, is not a sign of a warrior but a sign of fashion. An elf in the east, south, and west might not wear a braid because they are not a warrior (though this is an old tradition slowly passing away) but a northern elf will wear one because it looks nice.

What makes Iowyrthe particularly annoying to most elves is not so much his tendency to make questionable choices rather that Iowyrthe was actually the first to deal with humans and shape-shifters. (Which he loves to remind elves who claim to be the first to make trade, etc with elves; Iowyrthe is like the crazy uncle no one likes to talk to or acknowledge credit of accomplishments because he is just too strange and crazy.)

For all his pride and self-thought, Iowyrthe tends to be more aware of other cultures and peoples and the benefits and cons of dealing with them. He is often the first to help people in need even if he gets nothing out of it. Iowyrthe does not like to see the suffering of races and hates injustice. Iowyrthe might do things to amuse himself and annoy people because he can (and outwit them easily because of this) but Iowyrthe never likes to see hungry people, abused, or persecuted people due to a tyrannous king or leader. This is also one of the reasons Iowyrthe, once you learn to "deal" with his personality, can be one of the wisest and most compelling kings amongst the elves or any race. His flaws may be wide ranging in terms of attitude and tendency to tell the truth but not in love usually might make him a hard elf to associate with or befriend. However once you enter his good graces, or open yourself up to handle Iowyrthe, then Iowyrthe is honestly one of the most interesting elves to talk to. He can remember what the world looked like almost at its conception, he knows more than almost every elf in existence, and knows more about race's cultures than they might know themselves. Iowyrthe might become the bane of most people's existences, especially since he always seems to have a 'holier than thou' smirk upon his face, but their is no doubting that Iowyrthe loves sharing his wisdom and not just to hear himself talk (though, let's be honest, that's true too); he was one of the first elves to see the complexities of humans and the beauty in them just as much as their flaws. He might be the first to admit his superiority in fashion and magical skills but he damn well will be the first to say he has seen the flaws of man in elves and that they, in the end, are no better than humans or shape-shifters (who are seriously the hermits of my story; they're racially hermit-like and nomadic as a people. It amuses me).

So yeah...that is but a taste of Iowyrthe and his complex nature. He is so complex that sometimes he surprises me when I write about him and I find something else about him I either did not remember or suddenly realize he would do. Oh and he normally wears a long cape not a giant fur cloak thing (I did not finish drawing it of course). However laziness tends to do that to you.

Inspiration for braid laying and for inspiring me to actually draw Iowyrthe (since he has so many dang braids and I need healthy motivation to draw him and the Northern elf people) is Orpheelin and her awesome character Driall who has the eyebrows and hair of a champion. Go check her work out; she is super sweet and has such interesting characters. c:

I pretty much spammed this song, Protect Life (SineSkeller Remix) by Eric Serra while I was drawing this. was because I got so focused on drawing Iowyrthe that I forgot to change the song from repeat.

King Iowyrthe & art ©myself

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