Ash and Adhukait Goblins Picture

A while back, I dreamed up four different subspecies of Goblins for my own little project, and it pleases me to present the first two examples, one Ash Goblin and two Adhukait Goblins.

Ash Goblins.

Behavior: These energetic Goblins generally live around areas of volcanic activity, as they are fixated on the element of fire in all its forms. They grow and consume especially spicy foods, and create magnificent firework displays for their numerous holidays. They are also accomplished poets, performers and singers, and attribute their inspiration to the Muse of Flame. Ash Goblins are generally friendly and welcoming, especially to strangers who wish to compete in their contests, or admire their creations, but they are also quick to lash out with holy fire at any who would threaten them and have no compunctions about incinerating their foes.

Mythology: Ash Goblins believe that they are the descendents of Fire Angels, who were charmed out of heaven by the love poems of their Goblin ancestors. They cite the Angels as the source of their ability to conjure fire at will, and say that their talent for words came from the eloquent Goblins who wooed the Angels. They launch fireworks to send messages of affection to their heavenly kin, and each year they hold poetry contests, with the winning poem being carefully carved on to a ruby in Enochian script which is offered up as tribute to their beloved patrons above.

Abilities: Ash Goblins generally have loose skin flaps underneath their arms which gives them the ability to glide short distances, and if they cultivate this ability they can ensure that they are never in danger of falling to their deaths. (Counts as a permanent Feather Fall spell) Their more famous talent is the ability to conjure a fireball at will, several times a day. While Ash Goblins cannot conjure the flame indefinitely, their habit of working in groups ensures that their foes are facing a constant volley of holy flame. (Counts as a Concecrated Fireball spell)

Adhukait Goblins.

Behavior: These nimble Goblins favor forests, jungles or any terrain that lets them take advantage of their natural agility to escape or ambush predators. Adhukait Goblins are almost always born as twins, and only in the rarest of circumstances are they ever encountered alone. The various twins can run the gambit of being completely opposite one another and in constant argument, to twins who speak, act and think in perfect unison. Adhukait Goblins generally wander around their territories in their spare time and collect anything that catches their eye, bringing it home to examine it further, and either find some useful purpose for it or incorporate the object in some form of artwork. Because Adhukait Goblins must do everything with their sibling, they are used to debating with others and make for good mediators who show a talent for seeing both sides of an issue.

Mythology: Adhukait Goblins believe that at the dawn of time, the Gob of Life fought with the God of Death, and that the God of Death was defeated by their counterpart, but left their sword impaled in the ground just outside the God of Life's hut. When a Goblin soul leaves the hut of the God of Life, they are split in half by the sword and born in the world as twins, two parts of one whole being. Triplets are considered very good omens, and it is thought that an angel's soul joined the split soul to guide them, and triplets are usually made the leaders of their tribes. Conversely, a single birth is seen as a bad omen, and the singular Goblin in solemnly trained by the tribe for the quest they will undertake when they are old enough: traveling out into the dangerous world to find their missing half.

Abilities: Adhukait Goblins are generally face, graceful fighters who make full use of their other half to double their effectiveness and strike twice in the time it takes for an enemy to strike even once. (Cat's Grace, various teamwork Feats) Due to the endless bickering between siblings, they are practiced in settling disputes and cooling down frayed tempers, finding a comfortable compromise between conflicting parties. (Bonus to Diplomacy checks)

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