Florancer Picture

It is very energetic and constantly jumps and leaps around in a frenzy. Even though it constantly moves, it is actually very graceful and makes light steps thanks to its large leafy wings. Its footprints cause soil to become very fertile and good for plant growth.

It is based on a nymph, a fairy and a satyr. It is connected to spring because nymphs, fairies, and satyrs are related to nature. Since spring is a time of growing plants and fertile soil, it made sense to use a satyr since they are related to fertility. Plus, satyrs often pursued nymphs in Greek Mythology so a hybrid of the two could make sense.

If it were a PokemonÂ…
Species: Fertile Pokemon
Type: Grass/ Ground
Abilities: Serene Grace
Egg Group: Human Shape/ Fairy
Some learnable moves: Bounce, Earth power, Nature power, Quiver Dance

Name Origins
Florancer: Flora/ Dancer

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