Wall mural 2 Picture

A wall painting that my best friend Grace and I did on commission, in a friend's treehouse. It features a forest scene below the top bunk, which centres around several themes and includes many characters from mythology (elves, fairies etc) and popular fiction (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Robin Hood etc).

This mural took us 3 weeks to complete and was done in acrylic which was then varnished.

This part features a few of the hallucinogenic plants we sneakily put in, like some San Pedro cacti and a cane toad (I dunno if you can see that in the photo). This is the first part you see when you walk in, and is dominated by the fairy in the foreground on the mushroom, with the forest receeding behind her.

The photo is on a very weird skewiff angle, which sucks, but the treehouse has now got a couch and stereo and stuff in it, so we had to do some major reshuffling to get photos!!
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