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Wow, can somebody say "getting the trash treatment" ? This game is basically the scapegoat of the entire series. For those who don't know, Tempest was a Motehrship title, the first for the NDS, but it got mostly negative reviews due to missing classic Tales elements and mainly because it was one of the shortest game of the series. I think it can be clocked at 10 hours max. Because of those, Namco literally stripped that game of the Mothership mantra and made it an Escort title.

Look Namco, you can't change the past and must live with your mistakes, ok ? What you've done is unacceptable and is probably the first time a developper does that to a series, and that's considered a rather low blow from the community. Do you see Square-Enix taking out the numbers from Final Fantasy 13 and 14 ? No, because they decided to keep them, even though these games got mixed to negative reviews. (Yes, I'm aware that FFXIII did great, but come on, no real world map, no level complexity, corridor-like dungeons, level caps and mandatory party formations makes this game a joke for FF fans.)

As you can tell the quality suffered for this series, because as you might have guessed, there's barely enough material out there to make wps from this game. There is a sliver of hope though: Tales of Innocence R was released in Jan 26th 2012 for the Vita and it's essentially a remastered/remake/director's cut version of the NDS game. The catch is that there is a bonus skit where Ruca, Innocence's main character, is talking with both Shing, Hearts' main character, and Caius, Tempest's main character, and they say that they would like remakes as well. Furthermore, in the game's extra dungeon, there are pictures taken straight from Hearts and Tempest, meaning that getting Tales of Hearts R and Tales of the Tempest R is a possibility.

If Tales of the Tempest R happens, I really hope that this will be considered a mothership title, because for now, it's the spin-off that gets most often the shaft. Cases in point:
* In the Radiant Mythology series, Caius and Rubia are the only Tempest characters, who appeared in the 2nd game. In the 3rd game, they didn't even bother adding Tilkis, Forest and Arria. Really ?

* In Tales of Graces, you get to collect cards of the Magna Carta minigame. Guess what ? Caius and Rubia are the only Tempest characters, again ! Every other game has their full cast, even Emil and Marta from Dawn of the New World and Mel and Dio from Narikiri Dungeon, but they still neglect Tempest's 3 remaining characters. (Still don't get why they didn't add Tenebrae as well...)

Seriously, I'm getting pissed by that. It seems that you'll need to twist someone's arm off in order to rectify that injustice.

Anyway, rant's over... Enjoy !

Credits go to Namco Bandai, Tales Studio and their respective artists
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