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Written Profile:
Secret ID: Shiloh Reese Lumina
-Shiloh: Hebrew for "Peace"
-Reese: Welsh for "Enthusiastic"
-Lumina: Latin for "Brilliant light"
Superhero Alias: Electric Girl
Meaning/Reason: She first created the name when she was 10 and she first got her powers. Plus it fits with her powers and all being over electricity. Also she couldn't really think of a better name that didn't involve a color.
Nickname(s): SL, Reese, and Light-Bulb(only by her enemies)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Nationality: 50% Hebrew and 75% Latin
Birthplace: Portland, Oregon
Places Lived: Settle, Washington; Forks, Washington; New York City, New York, Washington D.C.
Current Residence: New Port, North Carolina
Height: 5'6, in her boots 5'9
Weight: 137
Birthday: September 25th
Zodiac: Libra
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Medium Brown
Hair Type: Curly/Wavy
Physical Description: Her hair is a medium brown color and a mix between Wavy and curly, it goes just past her chest when down and brushed. Her eye's are gray because of her powers they were originally a light brown, but when she first used her powers the changed the color of the iris. She has few scars, the most noticeable is the three claw marks on her chest which was the result in her first fight. Her skin is a medium tan.

Good Traits:
Bad Traits:
Good Habits: She always has a smile on her face to make people happy, She likes to keep the peace between everyone, willing to help just about anyone and welcome them into her home
Bad Habits: When it gets tough she tends to run away which causes her to be unreliable sometimes, She cares a lot about her looks and how others see her, She has to have people make up her decision because she can never make up her mind on anything.
Weird Habits: People Watching, She watches them and wonders what they do when they're not in public
Fears: Pain and death, Blood, future(she fears of what will happen the day after tomorrow, etc), cats( when she was little she grandma would bring her cats over and they would always hiss and claw at her)
Favorite Food: French Fries
Favorite Drink: Strawberry Milkshakes
Favorite Movie: Breaking Dawn Part 1
Favorite Book: Hush, Hush saga by Becca Fitzpatrick
Favorite Song: Foundations by Kate Nash
Favorite Band/Singer: SafetySuit
Favorite Time of Year: Spring
Best Subject(s): Science and Mythology
Worst Subject(s): English and Spanish

Mother: Rebecca 'Becky' Azalia
Father: Nicolas Lumina
-Older brother: Adam Lumina, 21 Brown eye's and brown hair
-Older Brother: Jay Lumina, 19 brown hair and hazel eyes
-Little Brother: Marcus Lumina, 15 Brown hair, green eyes
Other Significant Relatives: None
Family Pet: Sparks, Golden Retriever puppy
Closest Friends: Megan, Keira/Dazzle, Neva/Shiver, Jace Jordan, Logan/Golden Swan, Wally and Robin
Enemies: Danny, Nick(he calls her light bulb all the time), League of Shadows, Cheetah, minor villains in her area
Boy/Girlfriend: None
Crush: none
Past Relationships: Jace Jordan( when she lived in New York at the time, they were 13), Rick Berry, and Kyle Rain


Power(s): Electricity, can absorb, create and control electric fields and flight, using the electric ions in the air she can glide through the sky
Power Perks: If the power goes out she can easily restart it, doesn't need to have charger for her phone
Power Limits: She has to control emotions when around lights or electronics or they'll blow, she one her 5 phone right now. She hasn't perfected her powers yet, and that can be a problem concerting that her powers are connected to her feelings.
Weapon(s): none
Style: Medium-range. That way she can focus more on where she's aiming and doesn't hit anyone.
Strengths: Metal or anything conductible can help her in a fight by pulling the enemy towards her for a harder hit of electric current. Intelligent, she analyze her opponents in hope to find a hint of metal or conductible energy on them or just see how they move and find a weak point. Speed, she's light on her feet and she may not move as fast as lightning but she training so she can make her powers move faster and strike down her enemies.
Weaknesses: Strength, she isn't very strong, when she see blood or feels pain she either freezes or runs away from the battle leaving her team mates behind. Agility even thought her powers are flexible doesn't mean she is and she can do flips and hand stands all that but they never last longer then a few seconds even when it takes her a minute or two do get enough strength to perform this moves. Insulators are a problem for her two, being that most of them hurt her with her own powers, and water she can't even think about her powers when she wet or when she's near water or else she can shock herself unintentionally or others around her.

Shiloh was born in Portland, Oregon to her parents Becky and Nick. She has two older brothers (the weird thing is they are all two years apart from each other), Adam and Jay who watched her like a hawk when she was younger, and still do. Her parents weren't always around when Shiloh was growing up so her brothers would fill in and watch after her. Then when the last member of the family came along, Marcus, she and her older brother did the same for them though her and Marcus argue way more then her, Adam and Jay do.
At the age of 5 she moved to Settle, Washington because of her moms job as a Realtor has her moving around a lot to follow the business, so she only stays in one place for a couple of years before moving again. From the age of 8 she moved to Forks, 10 she moved to New York and at 13 ½ she moved to D.C before landing a permanent residence in New Port where they plan to stay till Marcus graduates high school. Shiloh's dad is successful neurosurgeon, and tends to spend more time at work then at home like his wife does, but they never miss a birthday or holiday with their kids, at those times that's when they try to make up for missing out on Family time.
When Shiloh was 10 that's when her powers first started to form and she can do little things like shock people and cause the T.V to turn on by touching it, at the time her eldest Brother Adam was the only one that notice the changes in her and when she told him about become a hero named, Electric Girl, he told her that they should wait for her powers to be move developed before trying anything. He now helps her from Time to time with her suit and stuff as he goes to college to study technology. He was the one that created her suit so its connected to her powers and her high tech. goggles.
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