Lucifer - the morning star - the fallen star
When given the choice to destroy heaven or wage war against it, Lucifer chose to lead a rebellion that cost him and many others their grace and home. Then exiled, he led the fallen in an attempt to recreate paradise in hell. Two notable battles erupted over the ages the second of which cost Lucifer too much power. And so it was at his general's suggestion that Lucifer sleep for a set amount of time to awaken and lead those under his name to paradise.

600 years early Lucifer was awoken and resumed his position.

Traits & Qualities Capable, well spoken, vain, arrogant, ill tempered, courteous, a natural leader, likes animals and humans(but cant keep their company for long periods of time without consequence) , enjoys debate and conversation, violent, aggressive, can be manipulative as a means to an end.

Weapon of Choice: Sword


Metatron - The only angel of higher rank than Lucifer and one of three that enjoyed the father's presence. A very business like relationship was shared despite Lucifer's attempts to initiate friendlier exchanges. At one time Lucifer trusted Metatron explicitly now with heavy questions he isn't sure what to make of his situation or the heavenly being.

Jesus - The son. Lucifer had no real dispute with Jesus until shortly before the rebellion when all channels to the father were cut off. It was known that only two beings retained contact, Metatron and the son. When Lucifer approached Jesus to question why it didn't go very well.

Sameal - Lucifer had always appreciated Sameal's forthrightness. Arguing for his case after the trespass that cost Sameal his rank and two sets of wings Lucifer was among those that made sure it was only that and not his grace as well.

Charon - Though not initially among the fallen Charon made the mistake of being sympathetic to the rebels and was tricked into becoming payment for an end to the first great war of hell. His unwilling sacrifice cost him his grace but ensured peace throughout the realm.

Michael - Formerly Luficer's adjunct he had always thought very highly of Michael, finding the archangel capable and strong in spirit. Though now they are on opposing sides Lucifer is proud of what Michael has become in his absence.

Rapheal -

Gabriel -

Tzaphkiel -

Alloces -

Orobas -

Flauros -

Ornias -

Baphomet -

Ororoan -

Roleplay character inspired by demonology & mythology
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