The Dobharcu's Mate Picture

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The Dobharcú is a creature of Irish folklore and a cryptid. Dobhar-chu is roughly translated into "water hound."

The first woman killed by a Dobhar-Chu was named Grace. Her husband heard her scream as she was washing clothes down at the Glenade lough and came to her aid. When he got there, she was already dead, with the Dobhar-chu upon her bloody and mutilated body. The man killed the Dobhar-chu, stabbing it in the heart. As it died, it made a whistling noise, and its mate arose from the lough. Its mate chased the man but he killed it as well.

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The Dobharcú

And whilst this gorgeous way of life in beauty did abound,
From out the vastness of the lake stole out the water hound,
And seized for victim her who shared McGloughlan's bed and board,
His loving wife, his more than life, whom almost he adored.


The comrade of the dying fiend with whistles long and loud,
Came nigh and nigher to the spot. Mr. McGloughlan growing cowed,
Rushed to his home, his neighbours called their council, asked
And flight was what they bid him do at once, and not to wait 'till night.

He and his brother a sturdy pair as brothers true when tried,
Their horses took, their homes foresook and westward fast they did ride,
One dagger sharp and long, each man had for protection too
Fast pursued by that fierce brute the Whistling Dobharchu.

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