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►►Name: Lainy Mystique
►►Gender: Female
►►Age: Twenty Three years old
►►D.o.B.: 19th of April
►►Height: 5'7"
►►Weight: 130lbs
►►Division: B&B
►►Favorite piece of lingerie: Any piece of Lingerie with feathers. (Though mostly Baby dolls and panties.)


Gentle: She is a gentle spirit, softly spoken and generally stays quiet, some people mistaking it as disrespect or rudeness.

Snippy: Sometimes can become curt and answer sharply, not really meaning to offend, but her voice can come off as icy.

Careful: Doesn't do anything that could prove dangerous to herself.

Graceful: She is lithe and graceful, lovely posture. Walks as if on air. (BUT ISN'T REALLY)

Hydrophobic: She is quite morbidly afraid of water and anything to do with it- She can stand showers alright, but baths terrify her.

Easily Embarrassed: If you say something to her that she finds embarrassing (Which is quite a lot of things- such as complimenting her, buying her gifts or nasty things wink wink) her face will go up in a super pink blush.

Slightly Childish: By slightly I mean, she has the tendancy (Only with people close to her) to become clingy and dependant.

Creative/Spacy: Has an interesting outlook on people and life, finds herself zoning out quite often.

►►Likes / Dislikes:


Gentle music such as chillstep, instrumental and softly sung songs- maybe a light beat.
►Birds of all kinds.
►Mythology of all kinds.
►Drawing- she is an alright artist, drawing both on computer with tablet and traditionally. Still learning and sometimes is sad about this.



►Loud noises
►She's allergic to BULLCRAP.
►Nasty smells (Though most people do)
►Water (she'll drink it and shower in it, but nothing else is acceptable.)
►Messing up a drawing she likes
►Being treated like a child.
►Her shaking-she has mild shakes.

►►History: (This I will update at a later point because my histories come from RP ing. I hope that's acceptable ;o; )

►►Additional Information:

► Has a pet parakeet name Hidalgo.
►Has a whole part of her room devoted to art- she paints muerals (TYPO? ) on the walls.
►Has papers and sketchbooks stacked EVERYWHERE.
► A little on the messy side.

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