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Spontaneously felt like redoing this, with a different template (source is here: [link]) and a wider variety of images. These are all of the things that currently inspire me the most, and while most of them will probably inspire me for years to come, this is still very much a "now" thing and still subject to change. I figured this would be a nice thing to have if I'm ever in an artistic slump... and it's just fun.

01] Hayao Miyazaki. One of my strongest inspirations - I aspire to create things as unique and memorable as his films, stories and characters. Strong heroines, fantastical worlds, dreamlike creatures and stunning animation - it's all good. Princess Mononoke, especially, has influenced me like no other film of his.
02] Mythology and folklore. A source of endless inspiration, which has long been a fascination of mine. Favorite mythologies include Japanese, Norse, Egyptian... actually, most all mythologies fascinate me.
03] Animals and biodiversity. The diversity of species on Earth constantly inspires me. So much possibility for character, design, motifs, story; so many fascinating forms and varieties and behaviors. Before deciding my calling was art, I'd always been interested in becoming a zoologist.
04] The American South. My homeland, where I was born and raised all my life - Georgia especially. So many interesting locales and history, and beautiful natural scenery. If I were to make an animated film, it would be set here.
05] Disney's Nine Old Men. The greatest character animators that ever lived! Milt Kahl, Marc Davis, Frank and Ollie - all of them, collectively, have probably influenced my work, style, and passion for animation more than any other artist or group of artists. I've studied them and their work rigorously, and continue to. Hell, I feel compelled to devote an entire separate moodboard to them. @[email protected]
06] Satoshi Kon. May his soul rest in peace, this late and great animation director has made some fantastic films that faithfully and imaginatively show the ups, downs and inbetweens of humanity. Spectacular character animation, especially in the expressions!

07] Fantasia. Possibly Disney's finest accomplishment, even 72 years after its release. So much stunning imagery and breathtaking animation in a single film - it really did show the world the endless potential of the animated medium. Favorite segments are Night on Bald Mountain and The Rite of Spring. <3
08] Creature and monster design in general. I've always had a love of imaginary beings, and the infinite possibilities in designing them. Creature design is really something I should return to someday. Pictured is the great Nico Marlet's (who probably should have had his own square) work on How to Train Your Dragon.
09] Jim Henson. Speaking of which, Jim Henson's creatures are really in a class of their own. From the Muppets to the wonderfully creepy beings of The Dark Crystal, his character designs had a near infinite range and always had strong appeal. He's subconsciously influenced me in many ways.
10] Rareware. My gaming childhood! Donkey Kong Country and especially the Banjo-Kazooie games all had a big impact on me with their mixture of fun-filled cartooniness, witty British humor and often very dark and somber moods and settings.
11] Nemurism. The master of drawing appealing, cute characters! I can't get enough of her gorgeous, illustrative coloring, her style that is simultaneously Western and Eastern, and adorable character designs.
12] Pokemon and Ken Sugimori. Another impactful childhood influence, for the first two generations. Ken Sugimori's monster designs remain fun and full of personality to this day, and years of drawing Pokemon as a kid has undoubtedly influenced me in some way.

13] Prehistoric animals. Dinosaurs!! They're awesome. Need I say more? Not forgetting the endless variety of other strange creatures that used to roam this earth - again, countless inspiration! Art is by Bryan Baugh.
14] Golden Book illustrations. They just don't make them like this anymore. Gorgeous, intricate and painterly, with fun, appealing characters - these are great to study for use of color and interesting character designs.
15] Horror. Little known fact - I have quite the dark side! I love gruesome, spooky and/or unsettling creatures, ghost stories, and dark, moody atmosphere. The image may tip some of you off that I'm a huge Haunted Mansion fan, too.
16] Cats! No other animal ignites my imagination like they do. Beautiful, graceful, adorable and fluffy, sometimes scary, sometimes derpy, and always with entertaining personalities. Pictured is my baby, Tabitha.
17] The Lion King. One of my favorite films of all time, and a huge childhood obsession. I still say Disney can't top this, storywise. Can't get enough of the truly epic scope and the gorgeous African setting.
18] World cultures. Always been a fascination of mine - sometimes I'm jealous of not really having a culture of my own to celebrate. I especially love Asian cultures - but I have a special love for Scandinavia, for some reason.

19] Legend of Zelda. My absolute favorite game series of all time, that has sparked my imagination for most of my life. Wind Waker's visual style, especially, has impacted me a lot.
20] Chuck Jones. An animation legend, who had a grasp on entertaining personality and character-based humor like no one else. I end up deriving a lot of facial expressions from him.
21] Vanillaware. Their games are GORGEOUS. Like moving illustrations out of a fairytale book. Seriously. Awesome character designs and jaw-dropping backgrounds.
22] Badass women. Female warriors and the like. A weakness of mine - just one of those things you end up drawing and writing about often :U Art is by LuigiL, whose other work I'm also a big fan of!
23] rtil. One of my favorite deviantARTists, their work always provides a spark of inspiration. Beautiful use of color, cute girl designs, and art that always seems to tell a story.
24] Franco-Belgian comics. A recent obsession of mine, I go crazy over the fun, cartoony art in these. You'd think a lot of these artists were animators at one point, with the life and movement they're able to portray in their drawings. Franquin especially is a favorite of mine - I seriously need to study his work more.

25] Kiyohiko Azuma. Yotsuba and especially Azumanga Daioh have had quite an impact on me, with their humor drawn from everyday experiences and lovable characters that you feel that you've known at some point in your life.
26] Don Bluth. One of my favorite animators, who sadly let his talent go to waste after his first few films. Regardless, I continue to be inspired by his animation and character designs. The Secret of NIMH is a favorite film of mine.
27] Tokyo Movie Shinsha. Or TMS, as they're often called. Responsible for the exuberant, high-quality character animation in Little Nemo and many of the 90's Warner Bros. cartoons, among other productions.
28] Endling. Another deviantART favorite - I aspire to draw human characters and especially awesome facial expressions like he does someday.
29] Samurai Jack. Such a bold and stylish look this show had - I can never get enough of it. A childhood favorite that has inspired me for years. Loved how there was so much storytelling with so little dialogue. Genndy Tartovsky in general goes here, because I love most everything he does.
30] FLCL. Seeing this as a kid absolutely blew my mind. The combination of zany, top-notch animation, hilarious expressions, compellingly mature themes by the standards of an 11-year-old, and a colorful urban Japanese setting impacted me for the rest of my life.

31] 50's cartoons. Such a fascinating period in animation, full of fun and interesting designs as well as nostalgic kitsch and charm. Pictured is Disney's amazing and little known Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom.
32] Glen Keane. One of the greatest character animators there ever was, and arguably the best still around today. I often seek to reach the levels of pure, raw emotion his drawings and animation can capture.
33] Metroid. Another favorite game series. Love the atmosphere, settings, and especially the monster designs - not to mention the badass heroine.
34] Akira Toriyama. I'm a huge fan of Akira's earlier, cartoonier works like Dr. Slump and the original Dragon Ball. So fun and appealing!
35] The natural world. A source of infinite beauty and inspiration, often more amazing than anything you would see in a movie. I gravitate towards naturalistic settings and elements often.
36] Pixar. They definitely deserve a spot here. Although I love the strong visual styles of a lot of their movies (Incredibles, Up), it's really more their creativity and inventiveness, combined with strong wholesome storytelling, that really inspires me. They've opened a lot of doors in the world of animation, and not just in technical or digital terms.
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