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A new character idea for a mythological species of mammalian spider for roleplaying in the lovely dream of Sawtooth Hollow. The idea here is that our little friend, known as the Interloper Spider, is solitary enough(and utterly rare enough) to be a shocking sight around the region's usual inhabitants. She is primarily a bird eater, though may prey on small animals if the opportunity arises while she is hungry.

The tentacle-like appendages that protrude from the back of her skull function the very same way a cat's whiskers do, being hypersensitive to the touch(THEY ARE TOO WEAK TO LIFT OR PUSH AND ARE PRIMARILY FOR SPACIAL DETECTION) since she is completely nocturnal and it is often too dark to see, even for her eight sharp eyes. The fangs on either side of her mouth are coated in and secrete mild neurotoxic venom to paralyze prey for consumption and transport(it is not strong enough to kill) and she does not produce web. Large ears allow her to hear the quietest of prey in the dark, making it easy for her to pinpoint food.

Though her legs and toes are long, she is a very graceful animal, and can move rather quickly thanks to her light weight, being about the size of a Labrador. The second, smaller pair of fore-limbs behind the primary fores are fully functional and can grab, lift, push, and even embrace something, very useful for transporting prey. Each foot and claw is covered in millions of tiny scopulae, allowing her to climb on vertical surfaces and sometimes even completely upside-down on a cave ceiling. Her bright red bands and yellow spots are a warning to predators; Don't eat me! I'm poisonous!

Despite the Interloper Spider's intimidating appearance, she is non-aggressive and is actually quite social for a solitary creature and will often wander into inhabited dens to greet whatever is within!

On that subject, the Interloper Spider is not self aware and does not realize that it may frighten other animals.

Interloper, species, and art belong to me



I have not fleshed out the species to the full extent and I would prefer for people to not go around randomly making them and making up details. Thank you!
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