Fanchara Digimon: Magnimon Picture

I decided to redo the ultimate levels of my Raijudramon brothers, this design being a homage to the original appearance of them in this level.

Fresh and In-training Levels: DemiRaitaromon, Dark DemiRaitaromon, Chispamon, Dark Chispamon
Rookie Levels: Raitaromon, Dark Raitaromon
Champion Levels: Raijudramon, Dark Raijudramon
Ultimate Levels: Magnimon, Dark Magnimon


"Magni"= Norse Mythology, Magni, a son of Thor, the God of Thunder,
Level: Ultimate
Attribute: Data
Group: Phantom Dragon
Attacks: (Under construction)
Personality: (???)
This particular Digimon has almost no recorded history, leaving their general nature a mystery and up for debate. The Magnimon were supposedly regarded as noble warriors once upon a time, but they were reduced to fiends that fell from grace in the stories that told of them. In fact, it's forbidden for any Raijudramon to attempt Digivolving into this level, to the point were their own society will delete any individual who dares to break this rule.

Shan and Rai, the infamous twins of this Digimon species, are the only individuals in their recorded history who has even reached this level at least once. Even if they both failed to stay in these forms permanently, they are unlikely to give up their pursuit of absolute power.

I don't own the Digimon franchise. I just own these two guys.
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