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Piece inspired by a story I've been working on that started out very small and turned into a freaking novella and is getting bigger by the day. Sheesh. My writing process, at least, is getting a little more manageable. I've stopped writing linearly - i.e. insisting that I can't move to other scenes until I'm done with previous ones. I've got a plot outline to work from, and I write bits when I have the scene in my head. Makes me happier, makes the work go faster, and this way I don't lose things while I'm waiting for my brain to finally provide the next piece so I can GET to the scene I already have in my head.

Shamsiel is a real biblical character, albeit whether or not he exists in 'canon' is sort of up for interpretation. He's from the book of Enoch, which is also sometimes called The Book of the Watchers. His name is spelled several different ways, depending on translation, and he's one of a handful of angels who - according to Enoch - led a legion of angels to defy the orders of God. He took a human wife and taught the humans songs about the Sun. His name means "sun of God."

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I took major creative liberties with Shamsiel's characterization, in the same way that the SPN writers use creative license with various abrahamic religions to create the mythology of the show. In my mythology, he was punished by being cast from Heaven to Earth after the great flood, his Grace bound to limit his abilities. Like most other SPN mythos angels, he CAN be killed under specific circumstances, but won't ever age or die on his own steam. Like Anna, he hears 'angel radio' in his hybrid state, and most of the Host doesn't pay him much attention anymore, so he's useful to a currently mortal Castiel as a way of checking up on what's going on in Heaven before he finds his Grace and casts himself back into the fray.

Shamsiel has had PLENTY of time to come to some sort of terms with what's happened to him, but he's happy to stick it to Heaven whenever he can.

/babbles happily

So yeah, this is scrap. It's just self-indulgent short attention span entertainment as a break from writing.

Please don't correct my slapdash information about Shamsiel. I'm well aware there's a world of research I can do on this guy, but it's slapdash because he's a bit character. All I needed was a name and some motivations, I don't consider myself the font of knowledge on this subject.
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