Flirgle Picture

my design to this creature, but it has been my sister ~fableworld who drew it for me
Flirgle could be mistaken for Slejpner from the Norse mythology, but this one cannot fly and it is not a god-creature.
the size is like a normal horse, it´s faster however but very shy and rarely seen on Genesis, it is slightly easier find it at night time. the Fligle is very vain, it loves beauty and do anything to show how graceful it is, so it got the nickname "Elf-hourse"

the "antennas" on the Flirgle do not really have a functions other than let it appear more mysterious as they always seems to be caught in the wind. those who succeed catch a Flirgle is very lucky or just plain stubborn for the Flirgle will only let those with a kind soul ride on its back or if you break it brutally down. have this as a hours, very few can catch you in a hunt because the Fligle is one of the fastest creature on Genesis.
if the Flirgle get threaten it will use its speed to get away or the front claws if it cannot run away.
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