Youjo ''Hakumei'' Kaigaishii Picture

EDIT: Updated to reflect this and to fit a bit more to how the Tioz armor looks like in Mabinogi anyways.

EDIT #2: Updated again to make it a bit more realistic and suiting for battle. |3
Armor now has more detail, miniskirt now is now a chainmail skirt, shorts are worn underneath, and a polyen was added to her greaves.

My character Hakumei.
She uses the name 'Hakumei' instead of her real name due to her being in exile.

She is able to manipulate light and darkness together, being able to use it in its base form (mostly seen as black and white strands/ribbons of darkness and light, respectively) as well as being capable of manipulating it into different objects and shapes. The light acts as the coloration, while the darkness acts as the solid base.

She is also a werewolf, except she's forced to transform every night rather than every full moon. The only advantage of a full moon to her is that she is stronger, while during new moons she's at her weakest with her powers.

She's from the world of Erinn, in the game of Mabinogi and thus I use a lot of inspiration from Celtic mythology for her and her past, with a mix of Korean due to the game having a lot of Korean influence put into it as well.

Hakumei's father is Brion Kaigaishii, one of the Captains of the Paladin Knights in the game.
Her mother is Katherine Kaigaishii, the daughter of a foreign merchant and a tailor.

Hakumei (C) Me
Mabinogi / Erinn / Tioz Armor / Graceful Armor (C) Nexon and devcat.
Base (C)
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