Three Graces - WIP Picture

I got a commission! For a painting! I haven't painted with oil paints for years, and even when I did I didn't really know what I was doing, but man does it feel like coming home to something. I looooooooooove oil paint. apart from it takes forever to dry, but I can ignore that because it's just so delicious to work with. Frikken expsensive, but well worth it (especially when someone else is covering my materials costs).

I sketched it last night and rushed out to buy paints this afternoon and dug straight into it.

I pretty much had complete creative freedom with subject matter, and for some reason I decided to paint the three graces from greek mythology. The two side figures I've now shaded their skin in so they're all monochrome yellow/organge, and then the centre figure shall be blue, once the red and yellow/organge has dried.

Oil on canvas, 100cmx80cm
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