Aasifah with Wings Picture

Having been experiencing alot of trouble getting stuff digitized right now, I decided to try some digital clean up...

I like her lines, she has a grace to her. For those who havent seen her before (either in my sketch books... for those I know in person) or some previous deviation scraps, this is Aasifah (say it "Ahhh-SEE-fa") which is Persian for "Hurricane", she is named after an old Saluki dog who was quite dear to me, and she is a "Dralion" the modern mythological hybrid of a Dragon and a Lion, symbolic of the meeting and mixing of Eastern and Western cultures.

She embodies MANY things dear to me from my past, she was designed to be a Dragon version of an Arabian horse, elegant and graceful as she is powerful, which was really born from an old odd job I had, where a client had asked me to design an equestrian act for her, where she wanted to turn her Arabian Stallion into a Dragon. This of course was destined to be a complete disaster, because the stallion was really not suited for what she had planned to do with him on it (he is HOT and excitable, not mean, just kind of like a hyperactive four year old boy with ADD) and she wanted to do it side saddle... which he just isnt suited for (for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the fit of the saddle in question, which used to be mine, and was designed for a draft horses double-wide back) Anyway she also wanted a dancer... because of how well the Valkyrie act I designed for her turned out (which featured a rhythmic gymnast as the warrior who is killed and then resurected by the Valkyrie) So I had this challenge to not only create a Dragon side saddle costume but also a feature dancer outfit to match the dragon theme, AND a decent act which could make something resembling a cohesive narritive.

In the end, I came up with the Draliatrix costume (which evolved into a whole nother direction, because I got stumbled across an idea I really connected with along the way) and came up with the idea of having two "dragon priestesses" (i.e. the Draliatrix, furthering the portmanteau by hybridizing the Dralion with a Dominatrix) enacting a ritualized battle as they summon the Dragon (Dralion in this case) these costumes (which are in my gallery as a scrap or something) were designed as basically "Fur bikkinis" so that we could be distracting just incase the stalliion decided to NOT behave himself. It all came together well, but we never got to perform it (although Mona and I DID show up at the event in our fur bikkinis ready to perform it.... client just decided to NOT show up... or call us or anything! because the Stallion had injured himself in her dress rehersal a few days before, he was actually fine and she just lost her nerve... ANYWAY...)

At any rate the idea stuck with me, and I explored it a bit more on paper, which turned into the "Sky Surfer" series featuring the Draliatrix and Aasifah the Drallion... but rather than ride the dragon like a horse (as I had started out envisioning) she decided to SURF in the sky on the back of the dralion... who sort of became a hybrid of a Python and Lionfish along the way.... (which ironically, is not dissimilar to the "Dragonfish" costume I had designed for the client's "Under the Sea" themed act two years before)... yeah, my life is different than most peoples, Ive learned to just accept it.

So anyway this deviation specifically, was one of my many sketches of Aasifah, which I decided to use as a practice session for some new digitizing techniques.... its an experiement, but since she's digitized... why not dump her here. I like her lines also... its sort of a fun series of shapes she has gotten herself into.
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