Unova Battle Team Picture

YES! Finally done with these Pokémon drawings, I’ve been working on them since the first day of school and now the quarters already halfway over, I just please ask of you that if you look at one of them, please look at the other two, the other two are linked below this paragraph. So yeah, this be my pokemon trainer. It really took me a very long time, hopefully it was all worth it, while I began shading this I had just found out a new way to shade which looked pretty nice, but was also extremely tedious, =____= and of course, I just had to use that method on everything, I have used so many textures here and all of them had to be applied to the battle drawing which was the one I drew last, feathers, fur, metal, smooth skin, stone, fibered skin, glass/eyeball, wood, everything. Also what was hard was the lighting, I’ve never been good at maintaining a constant light source, like even though the sun is behind orokusaki in the ninja picture, the light is still coming from in front of him. That was work =__= I also had to put a ton of work into the writing of their back stories, including giving them all at least one problem/disorder/disability. I photo shopped all of the backgrounds together, the wandering picture using a spring painting, a picture of the moon,, and the grass brush, the ninja picture using a sunset, concept art for ecruteak, and that apartment building iroh and zuko stayed in in the earth kingdom, lastly I used just textures to make the cliffs and blizzard and one barely visible photo of a snowy mountain in the back. So, I do not claim credit for drawing those things, but I do take credit for photoshopping them, I also do not claim ownership over Pokémon but I do take ownership of my OC's and their stories, and especially these pictures. Drawn on alias sketchbook pro, minorly edited on Photoshop (backgrounds, changed the saturation and brightness settings)

Ninja Team:[link]
Wandering Team:[link]

Notes on characters:
- this is a much darker take on the Pokémon universe then in the games or show, having Pokémon deaths far more common and actually having Pokémon as animals(i.e., used as food, sold as pets, etc)
-this world is a lot less sheltered than the traditional Pokémon world, having rape, psychological distress, killing, deaths, guns, and all of that jazz involved.
-in winter he wears the jacket that he wore in most of my previous designs of him
-that’s his robot arm in the ninja picture
-yes I know there are 7 Pokémon in the ninja picture, he never actually caught ominous.
-My brother’s team changed a bit from my last drawing of him

Jeff the Galvantula: Jeff the spider from Billy and Mandy D:
Lili the Froslass: her name was yuki but I had to make her Chinese to match her clothes
Sabong the Blaziken: meaning cockfight in Tagalog
Genbu the Carracosta: the black warrior of the north
Oogway the Torterra: master oogway from kung fu panda, his tree was based off of oogways peach tree
Orokusaki the Bisharp: orokusaki is shredder’s real name from teenage mutant ninja turtles

Kris’s parents come from three island, but moved to Striaton 23 years before Kris’s birth. He has an older brother named James. James, even though only being two years older, was an expert trainer. Their parents were the ones who gave their children gave them their first Pokémon, instead of a professor. They gave James his first Pokémon when he was seven, James received a mudkip. James trained his mudkip very well. They gave him his first Pokémon so young because he received outstanding grades in the Pokémon academy. James had caught and trained many different Pokémon. Kris, on the other hand, did not do so well in the Pokémon academy, so his parents decided to give him his first Pokémon when he was 10, like everyone else. Kris always got so bad of grades in school because rather than studying the things he was supposed to, he was much more interested in Pokémon mythology and ways to utilize Pokémon other than traditional battling. Kris ‘s parents would give him the choice of a turtwig, charmander, or a mudkip, Kris knew he would choose the mudkip, not because his brother had one, but for other reasons. The mudkip that would be his, was in fact the first Pokémon whom he had ever seen, it was just as old as him, he had already nicknamed him, Puddles and made him a shell bell pendant out of half a shiny shellder, it was big on him, but he’d grow into it. Despite this, Kris’s parents did not give him his first Pokémon, Kris caught several already, he had caught his dunsparce whom he had named Drillbit, and several bug type Pokémon, most notably a nincada which would evolve into two of his current Pokémon. Two weeks before Kris‘s birthday (when Kris would receive his Pokémon), James had already defeated seven of the eight gym leaders of Nova. He Challenged Drayden, the final gym leader. He lost his challenge against this gym leader. During this time, James had already raised five Pokémon as a team, his mudkip had become a marshtomp, he had a shellgon, a pupitar, a kirlia, and a scythe whom he had received from his parents (their parents owned a scyther and a leavanny whom had children, the elder being a scythe going to James, the younger being a sewaddle going to Kris). Seeing as James had two dragon Pokémon whom had yet to reach their final staged, drayden offered James a deal, if he would go to blackthorn city’s dragons den in johto, he would be able to train his dragon Pokémon to their full potential, then, and only then, would drayden accept a rematch from James. Kris ‘s parents were very proud of him, Kris ‘s family and him would fly all the way to blackthorn city in johto with James, seeing this as a perfect opportunity for the whole family to visit the johto region. They stayed at the Pokémon center in blackthorn, during the day, James would train his Pokémon to the fullest in the dragons den. Kris’s parents were so proud of his brother James, not paying an ounce of attention to him, Kris was blinded with envy. One night, just to clear his head, Kris went out to get some fresh air. He looked out into the distance and could clearly see the shape of mnt silver and its various ranges, but suddenly, Kris’s body started doing something strange, it’s like his brain had shut down, Kris started walking. He was being lured away in a dazed zombie like state, he could not control himself, he wandered up the towards mountain until eventually two difloon swooped down and flew him up to one of the peaks on mnt silver. When Kris‘s family woke up in the morning and saw drillbit, but not their child. They had no idea where he was, they searched all over the area and called the police for help, some civilians said that they saw a child being carried to the mountains, some said that they saw Kris wandering away from the Pokémon center. With the help of the cops, they searched mnt silver, they looked everywhere for him. After one week, Kris was pronounced legally dead and the search had to be called off. The authorities assumed he would have died by now. It was now Kris’s birthday, they stopped looking, Kris‘s parents let out the three choices of charmander, mudkip, and turtwig. They told the three Pokémon to find Kris, no matter what, keep looking for him and once they did, they would have to protect him, then, and only then could they come home.
Kris was lured up onto the mountain by a ghostly supernatural force, he was lured towards the mountain under the spell of a hypno. This hypno used to belong to a little 6 year old girl from lavender town, they were best friends. The little girl was named sally. The two used to do everything together. Sadly, the young girl lived a dark, mentally traumatizing life, her mother was often beaten senseless by her drunken father who would beat her as well, and on one occasion, he even raped her. Sally did not want hypno to worry, no matter how much hypno wanted to help sally, she would not let him, so, behind her back, while she was asleep, he would remove the horrible scarring memories and nightmares from her mind, but little did he know, all of these tainted thoughts were affecting him, due to his constant intake of negative thoughts, his own mind became tainted, all of the thoughts manifesting into its own consciousness, eventually, these thoughts became too much for hypno’s own mind to handle and he eventually snapped after 7 whole years, sally was already 13 at the time. He became a horrid sadistic creature that will do anything to protect sally. One night, sally’s dad came home from the bar drunk again, he was fully ready to hit sally, but then hypno fought back, hypno grabbed the arm of sally’s father, he twisted it behind him, placed his foot on the man’s back and forced them apart, instantly ripping the arm off of sally’s father, creating solid damaging blades of psychic energy(psycho cutter) , he shanked, slashed and stabbed sally’s father repeatedly, sally screaming and crying for him to stop, sally’s mom attempted to pull back hypno to stop him from hurting her husband any more, but he just turned around and stabbed her in the chest, constantly punching and kicking her while doing this, afraid, sally did not know what to do, she ran away up to her room and hid in the corner between her wall and her bed, she waited there, crying, she took out a blade and began slitting her wrist, hoping she herself would die and she would not have to endure anymore pain, hypno came up to her room searching for her, he saw her there in the corner, he saw that she was cutting herself, in his mind, thoughts were reeling,” must protect sally”, “from anything, and everything”, “no matter what the cost”, “make sure nothing happens to sally”, “make sure nothing hurts her”, “nothing”, “not even sally”, “must destroy anything trying to hurt sally”, “must destroy”...”anything trying to hurt”…”must”…”destroy”...”sally” He used his psychic powers to reach into her head and made her body reject itself, causing her to throw up blood, making her eyes turn back into its sockets, all the while it is destroying itself on the inside, but something happened, hypno heard something, it was sirens, hypno’s mind changed back to his normal state, and he had seen what has happened, only he did not know that he was the one who did this all, he fled the area and stayed away from humans for a very long time, until eventually, he ran into a purple ninetales, who had promised him to return his sally to him if he obeyed her every command. Hypno, along with the two drifloon whom carried Kris, were obeying the commands of a single leader. The two drifloon were born twins boys from their driflblim mother, they used to live all the way in sinnoh, from valley windworks. They loved their mother very much, they were just infants at the time that this happened, every Friday, humans would come to valley windworks to see the drifblim and drifloon flying in the sky, the twins liked the attention, but eventually, team galactic had the bright idea of catching the drifloon and drifblim, team galactic grunts flooded into the area, lacking any respect for the Pokémon’s ways or their taxonomy as an endangered species. They came into the area and tried hunting down all of the drifloon in the area to keep on their team, their parent driflbim tried to fight the grunts off, but they only found this as a perfect opportunity to catch a fully grown Pokémon, they began attacking the drifblim parents, the drifloon were unable to do anything, being too young to know how to fight back, they just tried banging against the grunts, which proved to be depressingly ineffective due to the fact that they are really just living balloons, they were desperate to try to help their mother, their mother was trapped under a net and was unable to get out, she gave her two little boys a hopeless glare and told them to leave, fly far far away and don’t come back, she didn’t want her little boys to be captured like she was, they began to flee, looking back, hoping for reassurance from their mother, they never knew when they would see their mother again, or if they would ever see her again, they looked at her sadly and waved goodbye, their mother made a gesture and said to them that they should not stop moving, they kept moving away, still looking at her, she nodded and waved goodbye to them, she closed her eyes and slowly shed a tear, surrounded by team galactic members attempting to capture her, she stopped fighting against them and lowered to the ground, still trapped under the net, slowly, she began to glow, more and more, and then, she performed a self destruct attack, destroying everything in the area, including herself, she had given her own life to save the ones that she loves. The twins witnessed this all happening, looking at their mother giving her own life for them, they witnessed the large explosion, and from the explosion was generated a large smoke cloud, but the smoke cloud did something before it faded into the wind, it took the form of their mother, it waved back at them goodbye one last time then dissipated in the wind. The twins waved back, their eyes filled with tears. They heeded her commands and kept traveling moving farther and farther away from their old home, drifting with the wind, not knowing where they would end up. Eventually they found themselves all the way on mnt silver, there they drifted into a cave so try to shelter themselves from the roaring blizzards surrounding the mountain. In the cave they found hypno and ninetales. The twins were threatened by them, threatened that they would be killed for wandering into their domain, the twins pleaded to not be killed, they told ninetales their story and she listened, she took advantage of their situation, “so, you hate humans because they took your mother from you huh? Well I have a proposition which will suit us both” the twins became her other two minions aside from hypno, now, fully grown and much stronger than they were before, they were capable of lifting up a human being and were able of attacking. The Hypno and Drifloon twins were the minions of Ninetales. Ninetales, was different from normal ninetales, it was purple in coloration and it only had one tail. The ninetales was once owned by a human, she trusted him very much and they were very close friends, but soon, her master fell very ill and was very close to passing away, as an act of her gratefulness, she gave him one of her 9 tails. Each of a ninetales’s tails contains the supernatural energy that is equal to 100 years of youth. He was brought back to life and he was eternally grateful, but soon enough, people began to learn of what ninetales had done, they wanted expanded life spans as well, but ninetales refused, so they proceeded to take them by force, they attacked ninetales and incarcerated her, her trainer being nowhere to be found. They cut off her tails and kept them for themselves, soon enough, she had but one tail left, they were about to cut it off which would end her life, but an umbreon came in and destroyed her cage, releasing her, she ran away while the umbreon fought the humans off. She headed east, far away from her home, she found herself at mount silver. Drained of her life force, she began luring humans to the mountain to steal theirs strength to keep herself alive as payback to the humans, she would trap them in her cave slowly sucking out their life energy every day, keeping herself youthful, unfortunately, Kris was one of the people lured. Two years after Kris was brought to the mountain by ninetales, Kris still trapped in mount silver, trapped in a cave along a cliff ledge, guarded by the two drifloon kept inside the cave by a wall of ghostly fire will’o wisps. He was only able to survive because ninetales had to keep him alive so she could get as much life energy out of him as possible, she took advantage of a lone snorunt from mount silver’s compassion for humans, she made the snorunt search for berries on the mountain and keep him well, if she would ever try to fight back, ninetales would have hypno force snorunts mind against its own body, harming itself rather than ninetales.
One day, a charizard and torterra came to the cave Kris was trapped within, they had easily defeated the two drifloon, they slowly approached the cage, attempting to enter, but being harmed by the will’o wisps. The charizard roared loudly, frightening Kris, then the torterra stomped its front two feet on the ground, sending many stones to come spiking out of the ground, destroying the will’o wisps, then it released the pressure it was exerting, causing the stones to retract back into the ground, the two walked towards Kris slowly until eventually, he hit a wall, he was cornered. The two were staring at Kris menacingly, but then looked at each other, they then set out a loud call. Kris then heard large footsteps entering the cave, the light from the entrance slowly being eclipsed by whatever was entering, he saw a tall; figure appear between the two Pokémon, he could not make out what it was, he only saw two bright orange eyes staring at him, the two parted to show their leader, charizard placed his tail in between Kris and their leader to give light, it was a swampert. Kris was terrified, until he saw the pendant that the swampert had on, it was a shell bell made from half a shiny shellder. Kris immediately noticed the three Pokémon, they were the three Pokémon his parents had offered him as starters, but now completely evolved. Kris walked towards the swampert and placed his hand on his snout “puddles?” he asked, then he was swooped up into the swamperts arms and cradled in a hug, he was reunited with family. They were going to take him back to Kris ‘s parents, but ninetales appeared and refused to let Kris go, it attempted to fight of the three Pokémon, The three put up a fight, but the ninetales was far stronger than them, along with the trio being exhausted from their extremely long journey. She was about to deliver the final blow to destroy them forever when she was struck by a froslass, ninetales roared at the froslass, summoning hypno who soon came jumping down from the cliffs, he attempted to use his psychic powers to take control of the froslass’s mind, but as a ghost type, she was immune, so instead hypno tried to fight fire with fire, or, ghost with ghost in this case. He began hurling shadow balls at the froslass, but the froslass was swift, she dodged each and every one, she swept at his feet with a blizzard attach, dropping him to the ground. She then shot him with a shadow ball, defeating him. Ninetales was about to deliver one final blow on the trio, one that would kill them all, she started glowing with a dark aura, a large shot was launched at them, but froslass threw herself in the way and blocked the move. She absorbed the large shot and began floating towards the ground, then, a dark aura, the exact same as ninetales’s started shooting out of froslass’s eyes and mouth, completely burning her irises and retinas(she can still see, she just has very poor eyesight and is colorblind), it kept leaking out of her until it formed a dark figure resembling froslass, the dark figure shot towards ninetales, and shot into her body. she slowly started being physically damaged massively until eventually she collapsed from the pain, she was completely bloody, as a last resort, she opened up a dark rift which she crawled into and disappeared, she also used one of these rifts to retrieve hypno and the drifloon twins. The froslass had used a destiny bond on the ninetales, it succeeded, but the froslass lay there, dying. Kris recognized the froslass, it was the snorunt that had been keeping Kris alive and well for the years he had been held captive. Kris showed his thanks to this very close friend by deciding to bring her down to the Pokémon center to heal her. When she was returned to Kris she came outside with him, it was spring, Kris thanked her a lot for all that she had done for him, she was looking around, she had never seen spring throughout her entire life, living on a snowy mountain, she came up to a flower and looked at it, Kris picked up the flower and put it on her head, “this is a lily, I think I’ll call you that, would you like to join my team?” Kris asked while taking out a poke ball, lili nodded and freely accepted being absorbed into the ball without struggle. Puddles went up to Kris and gave him three poke balls, one blue, one green, and one red. Kris automatically knew what they were for, Kris withdrew puddles and the torterra. Then he ordered charizard to fly him home. He arrived in striaton city in front of his old home, he walked up to the door, but before Kris could open the door, on the other side Drillbit ran up to the door and started bumping on it. Kris’s parents went up to the door to see what all the commotion was about, they opened the door, they were so glad to see him, they thought he was dead, he then threw out his torterra, swampert and charizard. Kris said that he couldn’t ‘t have found his way off the mountain if he didn‘t have their help. Kris ‘s parents thanked the three very much and offered Kris to keep all of them, Kris accepted. Kris then noticed that his brother was not there, he asked his parents where he might be, they said that the last time they saw him, he was traveling the johto region, but they were unaware of his current whereabouts.
Kris’s parents had noticed Kris’s arm, it was completely black and purple from the frostbite Kris had been affected by on Mount silver. They rushed him to the Hospital, where they had to amputate his arm. Kris had to learn to live with only one arm. One day, Kris’s Father had come home from work with a request from his company, Silph. Co, they had wanted Kris to be a test subject for their new invention, a robotic limb. Kris had gracefully accepted and underwent surgery, Kris came out with a working, functioning robotic arm. He had to go through special training to learn how to use this arm. Kris underwent the physical therapy for months in order to perfect the use of this arm, but he was able to endure it, in order to keep an eye on him, Silph co offered Kris a job as a delivery boy, he gracefully accepted, he had never had a job before. After several months of Kris finally adjusting to his new life and arm, His trio of Pokémon had become very ill, it appears that while on mount silver, they had all developed an advanced form of pokerus to help them stay alive in the horrible conditions, which was the only thing keeping their bodies body strong enough to stay alive, During their battle with ninetales, a curse had been set upon them which has slowly been killing them as the days went by, but the pokerus was helping them, the pokerus was absorbing the curse, so instead of them dying, the pokerus cells were dying instead, unfortunately, it had mixed effects on them, as their own types, they had their own weaknesses and advantages to the conditions, Oogway (the torterra), as a grass type, was at a severe disadvantage up on the mountain, so his body generated the most pokerus cells, but this proved to be beneficial for the entire curse was absorbed by the cells, puddles, as a water type, had generated a fair amount of cells, not to many, not too little, but due to this when the curse took over him it affected his body to half the extent it should have, lowering his limits massively, but puff (the charizard) as a fire type, needed no pokerus as he was perfectly capable of surviving on the mountain, sadly that means that the curse had affected him to the full extent, he was dying. The illness was not curable by even the Pokémon center’s advanced healing methods. Puff had passed away. After Puff had died, they preformed a special ceremony where they return the Pokémon to the poke ball, then destroy the ball so the Pokémon’s soul may be set free from its physical bonds. One day, a salamence appeared in front of their home. Kris did not recognize it, but his parents did, the salamence had delivered a note before flying off, and attached to the note, was a pokeball. The note said “hello mom and dad, I saw a news report about a successful prosthetic limb being transplanted. It said that the boy whom had undergone the surgery was Kris. I wish that I could see him again, but imp in the sinnoh region. I was in Oreburgh when I met a man who is capable of reviving the fossils of prehistoric Pokémon, I asked him if he could revive a fossil I had found in the mines while excavating, he said that I should come back the next day, and if it was a fossil, he would give me the Pokémon that was revived. I came back and I received this pokeball. In it, is a prehistoric Pokémon, I remember when we were children, Kris liked a creature that looked similar to this one, so I am giving it to him.” Kris opened the pokeball and saw the Pokémon inside. It was a large, blue and black, turtle like Pokémon. Kris named it Genbu.
It has now been at least two years since Kris had come down from mnt silver, Kris and his dad had gone into the sylph co building for work, when they found the building flooded with team rocket grunts, they wondered what the heck was going on because team rocket was a terrorist group from another continent, the grunts quickly took hold of them, they stated how they were ordered to infiltrate every single silph co building everywhere, as Team Rocket had taken control of Silph Co.’s headquarters all the way in kanto, so every silph co building was under their control. Kris’s dad attempted to fight them off but they just attacked him, Kris became angry at the grunts and decided to fight back too, he was able to deliver a decent punch due to his prosthetic, they challenged him to a battle, if Kris wins, then his dad lives, if he loses, his father dies. Kris was able to put up a good fight, after battling and battling, they were both down to their last Pokémon, Kris was left with puddles, the grunt had been using Pokémon Kris had never seen before, coming from unova battling a kanto trainer, the grunt sent out one Pokémon who would change the battle, it was a nidoking, it had two syringe esque attachments bound to his arm with a belt with iv tubes running down them, the syringes were filled with a golden serum. The two battled viciously for quite some time, when the grunt felt like he may have a chance of losing, he yelled at his nidoking, he said “NIDOKING! ACTIVATE BERZERK GENE!” Kris had never heard of the berserk gene before, the nidoking’s syringes began to flush down the iv tubes and into his veins, the nidoking quickly became enraged and primal, it viciously basked puddles with its arm, pinned him to the ground and started slashing at his face, knowing that puddles was retaining serious damage that may not be healable, he quickly returned puddles to his pokeball, but the grunt saw this as Kris forfeiting, so he declared himself the winner, two grunts took away Kris’s father, while two more grunts took Kris away, they were yelling for each other and trying to fight off the grunts, one grunt pulled out a gun and put it to Kris’s dad’s head, Kris loudly screamed NO! Hoping that this wasn’t really happening to him, but as soon as he heard a gunshot, Kris was bashed on the back of his head with a solid object, knocking him out. Kris woke up gagged on a plane tied to a chair, he had on a blindfold, he had no idea what was going on, he tried screaming and struggling but someone took off his blindfold, there were more grunts in the plane who told him to shut up, these grunts were holding large guns, holding him hostage, one grunt came up to Kris and explained what was happening in a very discomforting, almost whispering tone. Giovanni heard of your little, enhancement ya got there, he also heard you wer kinda a good battler, hes interested, boss says he wants to see yah, if you inerest him, he might let you live, might might give you some kinda high honor or something, but if he don’t see nuthin in you, yous goin to the same place as your little daddy” Kris just remembered his father, he began crying hysterically, he knew what had happened to him, but was somehow hoping that he was actually okay when in reality he knew there was no hope, but he had to believe in something, he had no idea of anything in the future, he was hoping this was all a bad dream. Kris was struck behind the head again, being knocked out again, the next time he awoke he Kris was still bound, gagged and blindfolded, but he was forced awake, they ripped his blindfold off once more, Kris squinted, his eyes not adjusted to the bright lights of the room. He was in the large glamorous office of a large man in a red suit, the man had a Persian in his lap and looked menacing. “I am Giovanni, I am the leader of team rocket” Kris immediately interrupted, exploding with sound “WHERE AM I!? WHATS HAPPENING!? WHERES MY FATH-“ “SILENCE” Giovanni quickly shouted, his Persians forehead gem began to glow, no doubt to attract Kris’s attention to Persians head, and it worked, Kris looked at Persians head, and immediately made eye contact, the Persian used hypnosis to force Kris to just sit and obey. “I refuse to be interrupted by such bumbling trash, now listen you insolent fool” he said angrily before continuing “I heard of your performance at the silph co branch in black city, I was impressed, they said our an out of the box battler and have a pretty interesting ‘addition’ to your person, I shall make a proposition with you, I shall send you to the mahogany ninja academy, there you will be trained to be one of my infiltrative spies, if your performance pleases me, you may even become a personal servant of mine, you hear that pawn?” Kris did not say anything as he was still hypnotized to just listen and do nothing more, Giovanni then said to him, knowing that as Kris was under hypnosis, this would be burned into his subconscious “Serve Team rocket, you are our property, your only purpose is to serve me, team rocket is not bad, team rocket is the future” .this statement was implanted into Kris’s mind, he was enrolled in the mahogany ninja academy thinking his only purpose in life was to serve team rocket, due to this state of mind, he zoomed past the academy’s coursed at remarkable rates, performing in three years what it would have taken him his entire life so far to learn. He graduated from the academy much to Giovanni’s satisfaction.
Kris was returned to unova as Giovanni’s personal unova exclusive operative. Kris was not himself, he seemed no not have any memory of his past life, when he was left there, he was told to go home to his mother and pretend like he was held captive and was recently released to due to an international police raid on a rocket warehouse. As soon as Kris came home he saw the face of his dear mother, instantly, his memory all came back and he completely disregarded his orders from the grunts who dropped him off, he told his mother everything, of course she was ecstatic to see him, but she was also afraid of what would happen now that he operated under team rocket, she decided to take Kris and flee the country for a little while, out of pure fear, her and Kris flew to three island, where she had grown up and visited her brother. They stayed there for about a month, there, Kris had met one of his old friends, back when Kris was a little boy, their family had visited before, he had met a small torchic which he had named sabong, the torchic has since then grown into a fully grown blaziken and was stolen into illegal battling, Kris was able to break him out, the arena where sabong was being held was raided by the police, taking the attention of the sevii island news, which was bad, seeing as Kris was trying to keep a low profile, Kris was immediately recognized by the international police and interrogated for being an operative of team rocket, he told them the whole story, how he was hypnotized how he was enrolled in the academy, and how he remembered who he was and had no idea how to get out of his employment at team rocket, the international police told him to stay within team rocket, there, he could be a double agent, spying for the international police, but they advised him to get a home far from his mothers, as people would trace him back to his mother, they advised him to get his own home but never tell them or else someone would know of his location, which no-one must know, they would also erase his files from the system, making it seem as though he was killed with his father at silph co. Kris agreed with them and ran far away from home, going to the opposite of unova, somewhere no one would expect, he built his home in the moor of incurs, far into the moor, so deep in that Pokémon rangers don’t even travel there, here was where he built his house and began his new life. When Kris is not on a mission or competing, he is attempting to trace down his brother so he may challenge him in a battle to try to prove his is better than him. He wanders the continents tracking down his brother, hoping to find him and show him that he is finally a match for him.

Kris worked for Silph Co. as the errand/delivery boy. Kris is very protective of his masculinity, having outbursts saying things like "THEY'RE NOT DOLLS THEY'RE ACTION FIGURES!" or "GUYS CAN DESIGN CLOTHES! SHUT UP!" he suffers from insomnia and often needs his sunkern to use grasswhistle to force him to sleep. He suffers from insomnia due to his guilt for the crimes that he must commit to keep his loyalty to team rocket. Kris is slowly starting to develop dual personality syndrome and extreme paranoia due to his affiliation with team rocket which makes him very off focus. He participates in many competitions but doesn’t usually finish, they are just to get his mind off of Team Rocket. Kris has never actually caught a Pokémon, he has either befriended them and they consented to being captured or he was given them as a gift. Back before mount silver, he was a Bug catcher. Kris comes back to the mountain on the day he was lured every year and waits for the ninetales to come back so he may battle it again, but it never shows up, but still, he keeps coming back and waiting every year. Throughout the rest of the year he is attempting to track down his own brother, having the innate drive to prove that he is finally better than him after being nothing compared to him for so many years while they were growing up. Kris lets his Pokémon wear clothes because he feels that he must treat his Pokémon as equals so if Kris can wear clothes, so can they, except it’s a little hard for the non hominid ones to wear clothes, so he usually makes them armor or some sort of accessory.

Time Line:
9 3/4 brother is offered to challenge indigo league, Kris is kidnapped
10 3/4 Kris is saved and brought back
11 Kris receives prosthetic
11 1/4 Kris gets job at silph
12 1/2 rocket occupation, sent to Giovanni, gets enrolled in MNA
15 1/2 graduates academy

Pokémon Biographies:

Jeff the Galvantula:
Galvantula is giant due to experimentation at the team Rocket labs. He was a study joltik at rocket labs, they used nuclear experimentation to enhance his memory, but he evolved extremely large instead of getting smarter, galvantulas brain was reverted back to rabid instinct, to fix this, they implanted a chip in its brain that would completely calm its senses, but if it has no mortal instinct, and no intelligence, it is just afraid of everything that comes by it. They decided to give it to Kris because they were just going to release it anyway. The chip makes galvantula calm and wimpy, but if galvantula becomes frustrated (which happens very easily) he will become his rabid form, to fix this, Kris made him something, Kris made a rod attatched to Jeff that extends in front of him and has a light bulb attatched to the end so it absorbs small electrical discharges in galvantulas fur to make the light bulb light up, which is strangely very entertaining for galvantula, whenever galvantula gets angry, his hairs stick up because they are tinged with electricity, the pole absorbs this and lights up the bulb, which distracts and calms down Jeff, stopping him from attacking. When Kris uses galvantula in battles, he removes the pole, enabling Jeff to get making him a vicious fighter and quite frightening (but he is still able to listen to commands and is still loyal) When the chip in galvantulas head is disabled, his pupils massively contract to the point where they are small vertical slits and his fur frills up, but when the chip is active, his eyes dilate extremely making his pupils very large. If necessary, when Kris is ordered to murder someone and dispose of the body, he will bring the body home to Jeff, who will, when in instinct mode, eat the body, dead or alive, otherwise he doesn’t like eating much but sweets and pastries. Galvantula suffers from dual personality syndrome, his instinct persona, and his cowardly persona. He was adopted by pan and pag, making kushimaru and scizor his brothers, for some reason does not know he’s adopted.

Problems: ADHD, Anger management problems, Dual Personality syndrome
Location(s) Of Ominous Design: one on each of his leg bracers

Lili the Froslass:
Lili has no idea who her parents are, how she got there, or why, but lili grew up on mount silver alone and raised herself. She was a lone snorunt. She grew up wandering the mountains, not doing much of anything, just walking, searching for food, etc. one day she stumbled upon a cave surrounded by floating purple flames, she looked in the cave to find a boy behind the flames, she tried walking past them but they injured her. She wanted to help the boy in the cage, he looked weak, she went off and found berries for the boy to eat, they bonded over the years, her bringing him berries to keep him alive, whenever she would try to set him free though, a hypno would harm her horribly using his psychic powers. One day, while scavenging for berries, she came across a bright shining stone that was teal in color she reached to pick it up, but then, while she came closer to it she started feeling weird, she touched the stone and immediately felt a change , her body began to glow and her body began to shift in shape, she had evolved, she had become a froslass, soon, she heard several roars going off. She looked up at the cliff the boy was trapped in, a giant explosion had gone off, she rushed up to the mountain and saw three Pokémon trying to fight off the one tailed shiny ninetales that had been imprisoning Kris for years. The ninetales was about to kill the three of them, then she would go straight for Kris, lili thought fast, she had to do something, she attacked the ninetales, but the ninetales ordered hypno to fight her instead, in her evolution she grew an immunity to hypno’s psychic tricks, she was easily able to defeat him, but as she saw, ninetales was still trying to kill the trio, ninetales was about to deliver the final blow, she threw her body in front of the shot that was about to kill them and absorbed it, then she realized a new ability that came with her evolution, destiny bond, she absorbed the power of the shot. The dark energy from the attack was shooting out of froslass’s eyes and mouth, her soul was taking the energy and forming itself outside the body, as this specter made out of the energy of the attack, she shot back at ninetales and entered her body, their souls engaged in a fight and froslass was winning, the effects of their fight appeared on ninetales’s body slashes and cuts appearing all over her body, when the damage was returned, froslass’s soul dispersed and reappeared in her own body. She became knocked out, next thing she knew she woke up in a Pokémon center being healed, but something was strange, her eyesight was horrible and she was unable to see in colors, her eyes had been burned and destroyed in the battle with ninetales and her body had been torn and destroyed. The nurse helped her get towards the boy whom she had been helping, it was spring outside, she had never witnessed spring. She befriended the boy and he offered her a place in his team, she accepted and went with him. Due to the battle with ninetales, froslass’s body was completely destroyed, the ends of her skin torn and tattered, to cheer her up for this, Kris began designing dresses for lili to wear, which cheered her up so much. Lili is able to sense what is happening around her beyond her normal sight, if she creates hail, snow, or a blizzard, she is able to sense the location of each and every single speck of ice, she is able to create within her mind' a radar like 3d map within her head, enabling her to see everything. Lili is able to use mirrors as portals, able to go into one and come out of another, she is able to create these mirrors out of the ice she makes. She is incredibly shy and has low self esteem, she is afraid of making decisions which may even have the slightest chance of letting her down.

Problems: Colorblind, short sighted, Self-defeating personality disorder
Location(s) Of Ominous Design: one on fan, two on dress

Sabong the Blaziken:
Kris went back to where his mom and dad came from with his brother and family when he was younger. while at his mothers ancestral home he visited their farm and met many farm Pokémon including several torchic. these torchic were just farm Pokémon, they did not know how to fight, the only ones who knew how to fight were the leading males, in this case, one, but they only knew how to fight using basic physical attacks such as pecking and clawing at each other, they knew nothing of their inner abilities as Pokémon. There were two male torchic at the farm. One of which was the leader. Only the males knew how to fight because by instinct they fought each other to become leader of the group. The second torchic had a cracked beak and constantly attempted to battle the leader torchic but that always ended to no avail. Kris felt sad for this one and decided he would help train it. These torchic did not know how to utilize their fire as they were not meant to battle, so Kris taught this torchic how to use its fire to attack, also teaching drillbit in the process. The torchic trained by battling against drillbit until Kris felt he was ready. Kris brought the torchic to the leading male of their pack. he let them battle without commanding him, for if he only won because Kris told him what to do, that would not be right and he would not have earned the title himself. He was able to defeat the other torchic and was given the title as leader. soon, it was time for Kris to leave and go back home to the unova region, he said his goodbyes to the torchic and named him "sabong the strong" (sabong being the tagalog term for cockfight) years later, after Kris has already gotten his prosthetic and his job at silph, him and his family decide to take a vacation and go back to the islands again. Kris saw his uncle (his mom's brother, owner of the farm and sabong) Kris asked his uncle what had happened to sabong, and his uncle remorsefully told him a story. eventually, sabong had evolved into a combusken and became a welcomed part of the family, on TV they would sometimes watch the world slasher cup, a blaziken exclusive competition similar to Pokémon battles, when they would fight each other until one is deemed unable to battle, but in these types, trainers are not allowed to direct the Pokémon what to do and they are only allowed to use physical moves, also, a steel gaff would be attatched to the back talon of the Pokémon for far more damage. These were called "Ken fights" (blazi-KEN) (these are the Pokémon worlds equivalent to cockfights) sabong always liked watching them on TV and aspired to one day become a kenfighter. Kris’s uncle wanted to help sabongs dream become a reality, he trained and trained sabong until eventually he finally evolved into a blaziken. He enrolled sabong in a mini tournament in their town, he was good, really good, slowly, he started climbing up the ranks, being enlisted in match after match, being invited to tournament after tournament, but eventually, this got the attention of the ringleaders of the underground ken fighting league. In illegal kenfighting, it is a fight to the death while in legal it is only until one is unable to battle, illegal kenfighting is far more dangerous for competing Pokémon. One night, while everyone was asleep, the ringmasters stole sabong and brought him to their barracks. This was all that Kris’s uncle knew of sabong, and he misses him dearly. The only thing he had left to remember sabong by was his pokeball, he handed it to Kris. Overcome with sadness, Kris decided to look for his old friend. Since sabong was in illegal tournaments, he was unable to search computer files to find him so he had to search manually. he went around asking everyone if they had heard anything about his dear sabong, none of them had any idea what happened to him, they all knew about his appearance at the world slasher cup, but nobody had heard of him since. Almost out of hope, Kris had overheard some people in a pub talking about the underground kenfighting competitions, and how a single blaziken had become the reigning undefeated champion. They spoke to the bartender and gave him a password, then he let them in the back room, Kris immediately spoke to the bartender and stated the password, he was let in just like that. He immediately saw the fighting cage and two new Pokémon were being introduced, a blaziken with gold armlets, and a blaziken that had wrists adorned with feathers, and its mane was nearly nonexistent. But one thing stood out about this blaziken, something Kris recognized immediately, its beak was cracked. It was him, it was sabong. Kris immediately demanded that the fight be stopped to he may speak to sabong, but the referees did not allow it, Kris agreed to wait until after the fight had ended to see him. Kris had watched and seen how great a fighter sabong had become, he was a master at battling. At the end of the battle Kris made his way up to the gate of the cockpit, sabong saw him and recognized Kris. Sabong immediately went up to Kris. Kris told him to burn or slash the gates so he could get out, but the gates had a Pokémon proof shield, there was nothing he could do. Kris became very sad over this, but he quickly remembered, he had sabong's pokeball with him, he thought, no, it couldn’t work, Pokémon proof gates also prevent them from being recalled or sent out from their pokeball through the gate, but Kris had an idea, these gates were built to prevent all attacks from getting through and all living organisms, Kris had a stroke of genius, his prosthetic arm was not technically a living organism, it was just an object, he was able to put his prosthetic arm holding the pokeball through the gate and recall sabong into his pokeball, this immediately got the attention of the ringmasters and they sent out Pokémon to fight Kris and get sabong back, Kris quickly took his arm out of the gate and fled with sabong, but the ringmasters Pokémon were still chasing him, sabong burst out of his pokeball and began fighting off the Pokémon. This caught the attention of the police, the ringmasters were immediately arrested and their arena was raided, revealing all of the illegal kenfighting blaziken. Kris brought sabong back home to his uncle and they had a happy reunion. After Kris had already obtained ominous, Kris used him to connect their minds so sabong could telepathically tell them what had happened. After sabong was stolen they removed his identity tag (the metal ring thing farmers put on their chicken’s ankle) and threw him into a coop with many other blaziken. They were all toughened up mean and nasty, they picked on him for being the new guy. They were all brutal wild blaziken, while sabong was a soft domestic blaziken. they made fun of how kind and gentle he was, they called him weak and girly because he was not as tough as them, to emasculate him they tore out the feathers of his mane, those feathers being what they use to attract females. they said he was less of a man than the rest of them because he was too soft, because of this, they decided to release their sexual cravings on him, they have not experienced any sexual activity for, well, ever, so they didn’t care that sabong was a guy, he just looked like a girl, and since sabong is not homosexual, this was horribly unpleasant. Sabong contracted aids. He was scared, away from his family, in a strange area with strange Pokémon, all alone, he slowly started to learn to live with the fact that he was there now and he couldn’t do anything about it. He had to learn to live with the names and had to learn to fight to survive. Every day they would select two blaziken from the barracks and pin them against each other for their lives, sabong included. They would always make fun of him and say he was not as much of a man as they were, but they were wrong, and it showed on the battle field. He was able to defeat opponent after opponent, and each time he would vengefully defeat one of the blaziken whom would make fun of him, he would tear a part of their mane off and keep one of their feathers as a souvenir, placing it onto his wrists. This went on for three years until that day when he saw Kris again. Kris’s uncle saw how fond of Kris sabong had been and decided to give sabong to Kris. Sabong wears a bandana scarf that matches his pelt. he wore it once in a battle and it prevented him from dying, from then on he kept it as a lucky charm, believing that it has been saving his life countless times, but little does he know that it was a focus band, a onetime use item, its effects had already been depleted and he’s been surviving without the aid of the focus sash. due to the fire retardant nature of blaziken feathers, sabong is able to cloak the feathers on his wrists with fire to enhance attacks, he is also able to use these to help him glide a little better, due to the fact he has no crest (the wrist feathers serve for small gliding enhancement just as the crest is supposed to) even/ m though every several years a blazikens old mane falls out and grows back to its long state, sabong prefers to keep his short to remind him of his hardships. In the underground league, they had to sustain themselves on nothing but raw rice and water(learning to boil it in their own stomachs), even out of the league he still prefers to sustain himself on just this because he has grown a liking to it. He is an extreme perfectionist and will never stop until he does everything past his own expectations.

Problems: AIDS, physical, mental, and emotional trauma, Narcissistic personality disorder
Location(s) Of Ominous Design: pin on focus band, one on each gaff belt on ankles

Genbu the Carracosta:
Genbu was cloned from dinosaur DNA but due to the immense amount of DNA, he was revived as a full carracosta, instead of a tirtouga. He was raised by Kris’s brother. Genbu was able to see James’s fighting strategies and how amazing of a trainer he is. Carracosta was raised knowing only of the art of battle, he strives to one day be as great a battler as James’s Pokémon. How he performs in battle defines who he is, fighting is his life. He is very polite and chivalrous and quite naive to nonbattle activities, he is very serious and will protect his honor through battle, his personality is much like that of a samurai, never complain, always be ready, his major weakness is that he was brought back to life as a carracosta, meaning that there was enough DNA of a single creature to bring it back, so he has random flashes of his past world, the world that he lived in which distracts him. After puddles began to deteriorate, puddles took him on as his apprentice and taught him everything he knows. He suffers from PTSD, (Posttraumatic stress disorder) which sometimes takes over his body, setting him to a brutal zombie like state. He still fully remembers his past. Before being trapped in a fossil, Plastron used to be just another Pokémon, he had his eyes on another carracosta whom he loved, but she never noticed him. On one fateful day, an earthquake had started, Plastron, quickly found his beloved caracosta to protect her, he managed to stop several boulders from falling and crushing her, but a volcano began to erupt, him and several other carracosta were cooling the magma with their hydropump, but it was not enough, one plume was very close to hitting the carracosta whom genbu had loved, he did the first thing he could think of, he pushed her out of the way, taking his own life to save hers, the last thing he remembered was seeing the other carracosta shed a tear in his honor. This is all he remembered when he was brought back. When his PTSD takes over his body, his eyes seem to lose all life, glazing over with a creamy color. Genbu started his training with puddles all the way before Kris even got his job at silph co.

Problems: Severe PTSD, Hyper vigilance(caused by PTSD)
Location(s) Of Ominous Design: one On front left shell plate, one on sleeve, many adorning shell

Oogway the Torterra:
Oogway puff and Puddles were bred by Kris and James ‘s parents to be used as starter Pokémon. Puff and oogway always evolved much later than puddles, meaning that they are a lower level than him. When the Three finally elevated to their final evolutions, it was already their sole mission in life to find Kris. After they brought Kris back to his parents, they became 3 of his team members. Oogway has a blossoming tree because since he spent his youth on mount silver, his leaves were unable to sprout due to the intense cold, so when he came down from the mountain, it was warmer so his tree reacted, blooming rather than sprouting leaves. Many stone like protrusions jut out of his back because while on mount silver, whenever stones or ice fell, he pushed her team mates out of the way to protect them with his shell, the constant bashing of the stones caused this formation, they serve like calluses to strengthen the area of contact. Torterra’s pokerus was the most severe of the three, proving to be beneficial for when the curse was inflicted, it was completely absorbed by the pokerus, leaving oogway unaffected. Torterra usually stays in a pond by Kris’s house in the moor which is connected to another pond through a stream, due to the stream connecting them, there is running water which traverses torterra's shell and pools in a groove in torterra's shell, giving the appearance that torterra has a pond on its back and that torterra is actually part of the garden. Torterra has a pool on his back because when the calluses formed, they shifted from the center of his shell to the point most stressed. Kris made all three of the trio oriental armor based shoulder pads for their front left shoulder which they still wear. After the loss of one of his best friends, puff, he became a much more serious and militant character, although still capable of having happy times, he is generally a more serious Pokémon.

Problems: Hormonal imbalance, Post-traumatic embitterment disorder
Location(s) Of Ominous Design: Shell crest, lantern

Orokusaki the Bisharp:
He was found on a mission to retrieve information on genesect from p2 laboratory. when Kris got to p2, he found nothing of genesect, no files, no traces, nothing, just one empty shattered stasis tube with the note "project shut down by order of lord N" the mission was a failure, Kris decided to look around the lab, there were stasis tubes with Pokémon in them, all of the Pokémon were unconscious and in a suspended state. Kris heard a tapping coming from down the aisle, he approached the sound prepared for an ambush, but when he got to the sound, he only saw a Pokémon in a stasis tube, it was a bisharp, it was in its stasis chamber, but it was conscious, he looked at Kris with a hopeless look. Kris searched the files near him his file stated "berserk gene test subject #7" Kris remembered the berserk gene, it was what was used on the nidoking that defeated him during the silph co occupation. The berserk gene was a drug deemed illegal, highly addictive, and unsafe to use, it rapidly boosts the users attack but causes them to go on a massive rampage, it was proven to be addictive, as the body slowly starts to depend on its effects to support itself. Kris set the bisharp free and it was grateful and stayed with him. Unfortunately, the bisharp had already suffered from the gene's effect, he requires it to live, he is forced to keep an IV with the gene in order to survive, luckily, team rocket hoarded it. Due to being kept in a stasis tube his entire life, bisharp knows nothing of the world. Kris and his Pokémon taught bisharp about the world. Kris’s Pokémon took him in as one of their own and mentored him, especially kit leuric and kushimaru. They taught him what they know of combat, eventually, he became their equal, luckily he was a fast learner due to the fact that he did not know much of anything, leaving allot of space for knowledge. He became a part of Kris’s battle team because he has combined techniques from three of Kris’s skilled Pokémon. Shen taught him to use metal burst to shoot shards of metal as projectiles similar to knives. Shen is close to orokusaki due to them both being steel type. Due to being kept in a stasis fluid his whole life, most of the steel plating orokusaki's body is rusted, but don’t think that that means they are weak, they are still very strong and sharp. Orokusaki’s ninja cloak (that he still wears in battle, but not the hat) it slightly tattered at the end. He acts very mysterious and shifty. His cloak goes under his shoulder pads. He is great at creating strategies, usually, Kris doesn’t need to command him, Kris trusts him to get the job done. Kris taught him to read and he really enjoys it but also unfortunately, due to being composed of blades, cuts whatever he touches very easily, including book pages. He feels extremely lonely because he is not safe to be around, but Kris fixed that, Kris made his cloak out of very durable thick cloth so he cannot cut it, and more importantly, so orokusaki can keep it wrapped around his body so he cannot cut people that give him hugs, which he really appreciates.

Problems: substance abuse, insomnia, Substance-induced psychosis
Location(s) Of Ominous Design: Back of cape, cape clasp
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