The Libyan Sibyl Picture

The Libyan Sibyl

Inspired, of course, by Michelangelo’s painting in the Sistine Chapel. Though this retains the basic elements of that work, all is changed except for that exquisite pose of graceful yet powerful beauty the Master gave her. It has been a quest to capture just a portion of the elegance and strength he infused into that one pose ever since my art school days. It remains as elusive and mysterious as ever.

The Libyan Sibyl was a prophetess of ancient classical mythology. The priestess foretold of the day when all that was unknown would be revealed. Michelangelo, using a mixing of pagaen myth and theological themes throughout the work in the Sistine, seized upon this tale to depict the moment when the Sibyl lays aside the Book of Prophecy, no longer needed as the last mystery has been revealed on this the Final Day. Other art scholars interpret this scene as depicting an embracing of Faith over an acceptence of pre-determined Fate. In other words, a belief that we are the masters of our own destinies through Free Will. A momentous occasion either way (lol).

I will be making this custom Sibyl character, designed from DAZ’s Aiko mesh, available as a freebie to members of the PoserPower Forum here: [link]
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