Doley Reference Picture

My little love puppy♥
So I was at =WolfTwine and =Lokatah's house, and i sat on their couch when something really soft brushed against my arm. I looked and saw this cute fucking buildabear heart dog plush thing and I grabbed it because I'm clingy |D But the little bastard grew on me, and I couldn't leave him there so I asked to have him and they said yes ♥v♥ So now we have this.

Name: Doleson Levi Grace
Nicknames: Doley, DLC
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality: Doley loves to help people, and he's great at doing so. He's very shy, though. So he helps most people secretly. Doley's right paw, when coming into contact with someone, increases the amount of affection, friendship and companionship one can give/feel. His left paw increases the strength or romantic love, strong passion, and your mood one can give/feel. He does it to make love last longer, and continues to dream of the day he meets his own true love.


Valentines character yolo xD
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