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oH man
ohman oh man oh m an
i told myself i wasn't going to watch Rebuild until the fourth and final movie came out bUT I DID IT I WATCHED WHAT WAS AVAILABLE ALREADY AND IT IS NOT ENOU GH

uhm????? i just???? wow. what an amazing story ugh i can't even begin to explain my love for this series
philosophical science fiction is my favourite genre
to be honest though i prefer the original evangelion; it got so into the characters (then again, Rebuild probably didn't go into their psychology as much b/c they expect the audience to already know what's going on in the characters' minds so they can get on w/ the action i guess)
bUT HOLY HECK THE ANIMATION IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL in comparison to the 1990s anime ahahha
especially in the fight with Ramiel
oh mY GOD that was a visually stunning scene

i was ooh-ing and aah-ing throughout all three movies

if anyone has time on their hands i highly recommend watching the Evangelion series (i don't really like to??? recommend things to anyone ahahha i don't know what your tastes are but yyyahooooo)

used this image as a reference

Neon Gensis Evangelion/Rebuild of Evangelion © Hideaki Anno

Ramiel: A mythological figure mentioned in the Book of Enoch, one of twenty leaders of two hundred angels that fall from grace after taking human wives and teaching forbidden knowledge. Ramiel is a Watcher, sent to-- well,-- watch over humans and the souls of those to be resurructed. Ramiel is the angel of hope, responsible for divine visions and guiding faithful souls to Heaven.

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