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Name: Momo Tanaka

Scene: Jmix

Age: 20

Profession: Singer

Song & Lyric: [link] Lyrics: [link]

Likes: Desserts, candies, lolita dressings, cute things. Metal music, mythology, maruchan ramen, spicy food.

Dislikes: Cheesy-nonsense music, metal music with slow drums (tempo), dumb asses, liars.

Personality: Proud, cocky, selfish, rude, arrogant.

Description: Momo lives a double life. In the day, she uses soft, cute pink dresses as a sweet lolita, focused in fashion and having a selfish empty life with her friends. At night she becomes a punk metal head, writes rock songs and melodies, and shouts to the world the hate and disgust she feels for the hatred and controlling society of Japan. Her friends don't know what she does at night, it's a secret and she's scared about everyone to know it.

Additional Information: In the day she is super polite, gentle, calm and graceful; at night she's rude, mean, and has the manners of a fisherman.
Also, at night, she wears two different contact lenses in order to intimidate the public, one fills her eye globe in black, the other in white.
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