Beasts of F-Zero: RotF Picture

The villains of my fan fic, "F-Zero: Rise of the Falcon."

At the bottom is "Manticore." He's a lion with back legs of a horse and a snake for a tail (it's one variation of a manticore). He's the fastest beast from his home planet, Ferallon. He plans on finding an ancient artifact called the "All-Seeing Eye" and use it to rule the universe, creating a world only for beasts. He hates humans, and the one human he hates most of all is Captain Falcon.
-When in his F-Zero form, this middle-weight racer is balanced in weight and boost, but grip (turning) lags a bit.

In the top right corner is "Basilisk." This mythological snake has eyes that if you stare into them, you die. Basilisk may not be fast in his beast form, but he's loyal to Manticore. He's trained his eyes to withhold his powers. When his eyes are completely white, he'll just paralyze you for some time depending on how long you look into his eyes. When they become yellow, watch out!
-In his F-Zero form, as a light-weight, his Body takes a nose dive, but Boost is excellent. Grip is about normal.

The last on in the top left corner is "Cerberus." He's a three-headed dog. The left head is "Rex," the right head is "Dex," and the middle head is "Vex." The heads talk one after another and they usually agree with themselves. Though he follows Manticore in his quest to rule the universe over the humans, he secretly would like one for a pet (kinda ironic if you think about it).
-When he's in his F-Zero form, Body is up high, and boost is normal and grip is normal.

(Artist Side Note) Drawing these guys was interesting. I had to find a real drawing book to get some of the animal anatomy the way I want it. I think it turned out nicely.

F-Zero Beasts' Theme: "Animal I Have Become" by Three Day's Grace

Manticore, Basilisk, Cerberus, and F-Zero: RotF belong to me.
Captain Falcon and F-Zero belong to Nintendo.
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