Motif Picture

hey bitches.

So with an afternoon off before I condemn myself to organic chem for the night, I thought I'd submit some more fakemon. Somewhat old designs but somewhat decent I guess.

The motif here is very...Lucario/Zoroark. You know, some kind of rare egg that you find that will eventually turn into some kind of overhyped mascot OR SOMETHING. Lucario was anubis-based or whatever so I dipped into egyptian mythology too.


#118: CAIBEK
(caiman + Sobek, egyptian god of the nile)
type: Water
Evolves: SEBEDILE (max happiness)
Ability: Swift Swim
Dex Entry:
~ If someone were to drink water from a river in which CAIBEK makes its home, legend has it that he or she will have a lifetime of good luck.

(Sebek, alternate name for river god + crocodile)
type: Water/Fire
Evolves: N/A
Ability: Serene Grace
Dex Entry:
~ Man ancient artifacts bear its image. They were apparently thought of as demigods in ancient Talat, but now are rarely seen.
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