Swan Lake Picture

Swan maidens are mythological creatures that can take shape of either beautiful girls or swans. They can get their feather off and become
girls. If you manage to steal the feather while the girl is bathing, she will have to do whatever you wish.

As all the previous works ([link], [link] and [link]), inspired by the fairy-tale RPG plots, though now swan maidens only exist there as NPC.

My translation is approximate and may have mistakes in it.

Hardly had he finished talking when a graceful hand lied upon Belle's shoulder, and a maiden in a snow white dress gave her a look straight in the face - in a moment she withdrew, as if surprised that she had not recognised the girl.
'Oh, excuse me', she said softly, 'I confused you with one of my sisters. My name is Leihan', she gave Belle a warm smile.
It seemed that a soft light was beaming from her golden hair and the white dress with its wide sleeves touching the ground. In her hair there was a thin golden chain with a crystal stone; similar chain lay around her slim waist. Her voice was gentle, smooth and calm - and she was somewhat unearthly calm herself.



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