LU - Faythia's Profile Picture

Name: Faythia Zarastroika ( Mrs. Faith )

Age: Appears 27 ( Actually 721 )

Height: 5'6”

Sex: Female

Species: Strigoi

Occupation: AP and Advanced Mythology teacher

Background: Faythia was born into being a strigoi 721 years ago. She has no memory of her life before this. After realizing she couldn't bring it back, she moved on with her life like nothing had happened. She found hospitality struck people best and kindness allowed them to trust her easier. Sadly, she's killed just about everyone who had fallen into her trap of sweetness. She's always been kind, though. Even when she was distraught with who she was or while she's feeding on someone. But not too long ago, she had met the man of her dreams. 124 years ago, a man by the name of Rinaldi Zarastroika had seen her and her kindness. But he was no ordinary man. He was an incubus and when he saw her, he wanted to take her as a victim. Once Faythia had met him, she too wanted to take him as a victim. They spent about a week together before they both decided to strike at once. But once they realized that they had no ability to victimize each other – both of them being immortal – they decided to get to know each other. They soon fell in love and 12 years later, they got married.

Personality: Faythia has always had a love of mythology, being a mythological creature herself. She knows a great deal on her own and finds joy in sharing that knowledge, so taking a job as a mythology teacher was a must for her. She's pure at heart and has always been sweet. And she's training herself to register students as students and not snacks. She should be able to get it pretty soon. . . hopefully. Nonetheless, she takes great pride in what she teaches, who she is, what she is, and where she works and lives. She welcomes everyone who wishes to join her in class and is always open to tutoring. Her charm, grace, and kindness is easy to get sucked in by, though. At school, it is nothing to worry about. Once a week, she has a moment of bitterness, though because once a week, she bites her lip on accident and a tooth through the lip is far from comfortable. She gets over it quickly, though. It's not hard to make her happy, either. A small gift or just being attentive and enjoyable in class will make her absolutely love those she's with. Though you must be careful. Her claws are known to do a good amount of damage. She's known for her ability to accidentally stab people and ruin books with them.

Likes: Lace, silk, red colored foods/sweets/drinks, myths and legends, other mythological creatures and spirits, learning, the history channel ( she likes to point out their flaws in how they dispatch the information considering she's been there ), children, small animals, suits, things that seem out of the ordinary

Dislikes: Extreme heat or cold, anything too sweet/spicey/salty, people who are just too flirty, not knowing something, being the last to know about something, people who are just purely defiant

- Related to Dunstan Cross and Richard Cross through Rinaldi Zarastroika
- Absolutely repulsed by dust
- Always has an apple on her desk that is real, yet never seems to rot
- Don't try and startle her or you will not return alive

Rinaldi Zarastroika / Richard Cross / Dunstan Cross - (c) ~Rook-Skjoldebrand
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