The Willow Maid Picture

A Supernatural OC. Her name is Leanne, it's a Celtic/Gaelic name meaning 'Graceful Willow'. She's a tree sprite, like those you find in Celtic Mythology. The left is her past self, and the right is her current self. Her personality is a mix of Flora(Winx Club), a calm Starfire(Teen Titans), Tohru Honda(Fruits basket), Mirajane(Fairy Tail), Trisha Elric(FMA), Fluttershy(MLP) and Izayoi(Inuyasha). She was inspired by this song. >… < This is her theme and history. After she was turned into a flower, she was reborn as a human. She does not remember her past life. She is a gardener and also works at and owns a flower shop. Her powers are having the ability to be "one" with forest, allowing her to speak to it and vice versa. She feels pain when the forest is in danger and becomes full of energy when a new plant and/or tree is growing. Enjoy and please tell me what you all think.
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