Nature has always been the bridge between the mortal and the Divine. It is the natural order that can not be fooled. Even when the gods choose to walk the earth disguised as humble men, the beasts of the forest will always bow before their creator.'

(NOTE:I posted this on my art blog that I’m working on since Icecry is the name that I go by for my comics and I needed a primary account for that name.)
ANYWAY! PAGE 4 of my mini comic! I apologize about the wait, But I wanted to all out for this one! Hahah (If you notice the color scheme and background got a lot more serious than the previous page. That’s because Skwisgaar’s father needed to make an epic entrance.))


  • YES. This is in fact Skwisgaar’s father. I’ve dropped more than enough hints at who he is exactly, so I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. (You will be seeing clearer picture of him next comic)
  • If you remember LAST COMIC, the question was asked regarding saving grace. (Skwisgaar’s being his guitar)
  • There are many stories of many different religions, folk tales, mythologies etc. of divinity walking the earth disguised as men.
  • I apologize for all the snow, but it is a forest…in Sweden.
  • Severta very young (16) and she will not be having Skwisgaar as such an early age. (Even if she were 100, this guy would STILL be robbing the cradle)

Feed back much appreciated! Thanks so much for all the support! Can’t wait to show you a full picture of his father!

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