2008 August 16 Framed Torii Picture

This morning as I was removing hurricane provisions from the car a young white heron approached in front of the house. He stopped about two feet from me, we exchanged greetings then he walked calmly down the street. Out of place? Perhaps not. Tonight just as I was starting my sunset vigil at the Torii gate, a young white heron landed on its base, paused for just a moment, looked my way then flew away.

In Greek mythology, the heron has been indicated as being a messenger from the gods, including deities like Athene and Aphrodite. White herons are often indicated as representing the sun, particularly in Eastern and Egyptian lore. WIth that in mind I did a little research on the Internet and came up with the following notes.

- Herons come into our lives to teach us the power of precision. When we make decisions in our lives with precision, everything we do reaches a heightened level of effectiveness. We waste no energy, we conserve our internal power, and we save time!

- Herons come into our lives to teach lessons regarding learning grace. We can overcome our shyness of our own body with heron energy, and learn how to express grace regardless of what we look like, or our personality.

- Herons teach us the value of watching and waiting in order to get what we need. In other words, heron teaches us the value of patience. It is not a passive patience, but an active one. We wait in our lives to grab opportunity when it arises, it is not a passive patience waiting for life to happen to us.

- Herons, from an evolutionary perspective, are successful and supreme hunters. And with their fantastic ability to literally spear fish with lightning-fast moves, they also represent the concept of showmanship. Particularly in athleticism. Herons come into the lives of people who have problems hunting what they need to nourish them, and shows them how to find nourishment with a sense of external flair. Heron teaches us to take pride and dignity in all that we do and acquire, and to appreciate every achievement as what it is - an achievement.

- Heron represents the holy spear, and the concept of spear magic. This inevitably relates heron back to phallus imagery, and in some cultures this is reflected in its connection to male deity, and the sun. If heron has come into your life, it might be time to look at the imagery of spears and arrows, and start visualising aiming for your goals with spears to make sure you're 'on target.' The holy spear, is also the messenger from the gods, and heron comes into our lives like an arrow from the gods, to make sure that we're on target.

And importantly, as I read, herons never come to you when called -- only when they are needed.

All that being said, it was hard to choose just one image tonight. The air was golden clear with early traces of upper atmospheric moisture coming from approaching Fay.
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