The Unseelie Dog Picture

"...Hence be you banished from the graces of the Divine Courts, and by the authority of the Tuatha Dé Danann, are condemned beyond salvation as the Unseelie Dog..."

Further developements of my original character stories; Verokian, otherwise known as Karrin de Voor, and the Witchking of Iqweron. He is a fallen Aos Si (or the "Fey" as I call them from Gaelic mythology) and was banished from the Seelie Courts for giving birth to the Death Arts, Necromancy, through the lives of the unborn. Though given the name of the Unseelie Dog, he is accepted by none of his kind for his perversion of the magic that was blessed upon them.

His powers specialize in the manipulation of dead matter (Beings without self awareness), mainly puppetry through bones, and the harvesting of young inexperienced souls that wander Leithedell (My own creation as well). The wings upon his back are temporary, as he is able to attach dead limbs to his being for particular purposes. The effect of Necromancy on a Fey is illustrated as such-as a being of the earth and essentially of purety and life, he has physically deteriorated in a disease-like format. However he cannot die, as he is immortal, and as a result has skeletal appendages such as his arms and hands.

Without skin, he has no senses of feelings besides the black like veins that run across his body that keep them in working order. In here, he is using 'human gloves', aka skin he has ripped off a humans body and slipping his own in, giving the temporary ability to have 'senses' in the skin so he may perform his experiments more acurately.

... Oberon and Karrin dont get along well
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