Earth Lizard Picture

Okay, so first off this is not a dragon. It's an Earth Lizard!

It's a breed of reptile found in the Earth Kingdom, commonly mistaken for a dragon. Some of them have wings; some of them don't.

They can fly a little, but they aren't as versitile in the air as dragons. They are used for stealth missions, and are found in some circuses. They are very graceful animals on the ground.

They used to be sacred helpers of the tribes and were often tattooed and given jewelry.

This one, happens to be Keira's. They were partners in many dances shows and a few circuses, but when she left she let him free. He pops up every once in a while and feels very loyal to her; and she feels the same.

Don't know if I'll ever really use him, but I thought he was cool.

Earth Lizard design: Me

Picture: DollDivine
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