Saine Picture



◊ NAME: Saine (サイネ)
    Pronounced as Say-neh
◊ AGE: 20 (physical age)

◊ BIRTHDAY: Unknown (roughly around the 1790’s)

◊ HEIGHT: 5'11" ft

◊ WEIGHT: 150 lbs

◊ SPECIES: Half-demon

◊ VOICE: Kenichi Suzumura [link]
  • Default Saine: 0:16 - 0:30
  • Insane Saine: 0:31 - 0:53

  • Miru
  • Boobs
  • Circles
  • Sharp things

  • Anything or anyone hurting Miru
  • Flirtatious women
  • Men who are attracted to Miru
  • Onmyouji
  • Priests/Priestess

    Having been afflicted with a sort of mental disorder, Saine has two personalities.

    ◊ Default Saine
    Overall, Saine is a very, very kind person. He has a meek disposition and ever so rarely does he lose his temper, having gained the patience and determination of a farmer. He has a high tolerance to pain, physically and mentally, adding to the reason why he neither complains nor talks back. He has a simple train of thought as he handles one thing at a time, seemingly awful in multi-tasking. With such a mindset, it becomes a handful for him whenever he is in a battle since he finds it difficult to defend others even himself at the same time. His gentle nature also prevents him from wanting to enter a fight with others, wanting to try to solve things as peacefully as possible. He weighs his concern towards others heavier than his own that’s why he deeply worries about those times when he suddenly blacks out and wakes up unknowing of what he did.

    In regards to his contractor, he deeply cares for her as if she was his little sister. Having such a deep respect for women, he tries his best to never offend her and also to keep her opinions on the highest priority.

    ◊ Insane Saine
    In contrast to his kind half; he is rude, bloodthirsty, and reckless. He respects no one and usually flirts with women for fun, having no care or commitment whatsoever. He is far more ferocious and dangerous in battle since he maximizes his heightened senses and strength as a demon and won’t hesitate to take the lives of others, regardless of how heavy or shallow a reason. Unlike his default self, he is also aware of the other’s existence. He retains all the memories and can see through the eyes of the other, further deepening his hatred to the “fake” personality since he feels that he is watching his body be controlled in such a wasteful manner all these years. To his dismay, he can only come out with a limited amount of time each day thanks to the seal binding him. Every opportunity he gets, he will take advantage of his control and wreak havoc either on people or inanimate objects to satiate his bloodthirsty nature.

    He thinks of his contractor as a plaything and usually makes her an object of his romantic interest. He thinks of her as a woman, thus, making him deeply attracted and finds other women not as interesting as his “dear mistress”.

After dark, a young farmer coming home from his daily plowing at the fields came across a beautiful woman who had long, silky black hair. He looked at her, allured by her beauty as the moonlight lit the strands of her hair as it gracefully flows with the wind. Although, his gaze was returned with boisterous laughter that was in contrast to a feminine giggle he imagined. Rather than laugh since he didn’t know what was funny, he scratched the back of his head and looked at her with a quizzical look. He then asked what was there to laugh about but the only reply he got was a childish frown he couldn’t understand. Before he could ask again, she disappeared the moment he blinked. He then came home, hoping to see her again so he could get his answer. The next day he told of his friends what he had seen that night, which they just laughed at since they knew well there was no woman of the features he excitedly described living in the village they stay in. Although their laughter ceased when he told them of her unusually long and pretty hair, suddenly afraid of the welfare of the young man as they told him of a rumored harionna, a demon, appearing during the night, ensnaring unfortunate victims and mutilating them to pieces with her blade-like hair. The young man simply dismissed it, thinking that it was just some ghost story to scare him. Days pass and he kept thinking about her every waking hour, disappointment growing in his heart. When he thought he wouldn’t see her again, he saw her again at the same road they first saw each other. And again, the strange and beautiful woman started laughing at him. Immediately, he shouts out his question as his curiosity didn’t even die down since then. She frowned at him again but this time, she asked him why he wanted to know. By impulse, he absent-mindedly replied it was because he was interested since she was pretty. Before the woman disappeared, it seemed she had muttered the word “idiot”. A few days after, a beautiful woman visited the village and when the young man saw her, he smiled and hastily went to her since she looked like the strange woman he met. When he came up to her, she immediately frowned at him and there he knew it was really her even though her hair was significantly shorter.
“I don’t have a place to stay so I will be staying with you. Take good care of me,” she said before the man could utter a proper greeting.

“H-huh. What? Are you asking me?”

“I’m not asking you, I’m ordering you to.”

The young man simply blinks in disbelief of how forceful she was; regardless he complied with her demands and as time passed, an attraction brewed between them somehow. The woman stayed and continued to live with the young man as if she was his wife. Their life together was indeed happy to the point both of them forgotten that several years have already passed, but sadly not the same could be said for the man’s body as he begun to age while the woman did not. The villagers’ suspicion grew even more as they fear her to be a monster since her youth and beauty have never faded since they first saw her. Even though she knew well of how ill they spoke of her, she chose to stay because she loved the man so much. Afraid that the man might leave her, she wanted to tell him something that she should’ve told a long time ago.
“I… need to tell you something. I am a-“ she said but a finger was gently placed on her lips, interrupting her.

“Shhh. I know. You are my wife and you’re the most beautiful woman I ever loved. I think of you nothing more and nothing less.”

The woman didn’t say anything else but she gave a very gentle yet sad smile, a smile that the man never saw from her before. The following day, she disappeared without a trace. The man desperately tried to look for her but his search ended in vain. He was deeply saddened by this until he heard a strange cry within his home. Finding it, he realized she left with him a gift of her love and existence, an infant. Believing it to be their child, he loved his son unconditionally and named him “Saine”. The boy grew up to be happy and energetic but also a handful as it seemed he had gained the rudeness and mischievous nature of his mother to the dismay of his father. The sudden disappearance of the woman and the appearance of an unknown child stirred fear and anxiety for the villagers, afraid that the boy might be a monster as well.

They lived peacefully for eight harvests since then and the boy was old enough to help his father with taking care of the fields, until an unwanted visitor came to see the child. The local priest came to the boy while he was far from his father, having an intention to forcefully dispel the child of “evil” thanks to the prompting from the villagers. Just before he could finish purifying the child of his demonic nature, the father came and pushed him towards the mud as he threatened him to leave their land and to never lay his hands on his son again. Angered by the father’s “foolishness”, the priest stormed away. The child was shivering in fear and seemingly traumatized after that since he wasn’t able to speak for more than a month. The father soon discovered a seal mark on the boy’s chest near the heart and a deep resentment towards his own village was felt. All of a sudden, the entire village grew cold towards the family of two, ostracizing them both for the years to come.

It took a while before the boy could speak again; the father was relieved until he noticed how different his son acted as if he was an entirely different person. The boy became meek and yielding in contrast to what he was before, defiant and brave, where he just allows other children and even their parents to do what they will with him no matter how much it hurt. The days ahead became much harsher to a point it became too much. And one day, a group of children came over to the boy.
“You know, my mom said your mom was a demon! That means you’re a demon, too right?!”

“They said your eyes were like her eyes! Like an ugly fish which swims in land and flaps its fins like an idiot!”

“If you’re really a demon, then why don’t you show your powers, huh?!”

“Your mother’s a whore! My parents said she went just went here and lived with your dad!”

“Maybe your dad is a spawn of the devil, that’s why he’s taking care of you, demon, demon!”

He tried bearing with those cruel words as he kept telling himself it was always the same thing being thrown to him but anger boiled from within him when they spoke so badly of his parents. Unthinkingly, he pushed the largest kid that stood in front of him but the only result was getting beaten by the others. Desperately trying to fend himself, he threw dirt at one of them and successfully hitting the eye, making the child writhe and scream in pain. The parents came and shielded their own children, believing that the devil of a child started all this as they began throwing rocks at the poor boy. It was hurting too much that death seemed much more forgiving than this, closing his eyes as he prayed that he would just die. But suddenly, the pain went away and comforting warmth wrapped around his battered body. As he opened his eyes, he saw his father embracing him so tightly.
“It’s alright, I’m here. I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

“B-but fathe-!”

“If I fall down, I want you to run as fast as you can away from here. Go to that large tree we planted a long time ago, I left there enough for you to live by if I can’t catch up to you. I’m too old to keep up with you after all.” He made small and breathless laugh as he suppressed the feeling of wincing and moaning in pain. “No matter what they say, you and your mother are the greatest things that ever happened in my life.”

Before the boy could reply, a heavy thud was heard and a warm, crimson liquid started trickling from his father’s head. The firm hold from his father’s strong arms started to loosen as his body weighed heavy on him. And when he could no longer feel the beating of his father’s mighty heart, it dawned to him that his father is no more.
”It’s about time you learned to get angry.”

A voice echoed from within his head and then everything became dark and cold. When he came to, all the adults were dead and the children who, at first, were so insolent now cower at a distance before running away with their lives. When he looked at his own hands and clothing, he realized they were dyed deep red and the smell was so putrid that he vomited soon after, sickened not only by the sight but also at the possibility he was behind all this. With little time he had left before the other villagers would come, he tried carrying his father’s body by back, his feet dragging against the ground as he did. When he reached that young camphor tree that his father named “Yua”, he dug up a small chest that had several sheets of fine silk. He never knew his father was keeping something so precious for him all this time, knowing well that he was saving up probably because he wanted his son to have a choice in living a life different from his, a farmer’s life. The boy dug deeper to make a grave, and not only blood and sweat dripped as he did but also tears that flowed endlessly from his dead eyes. He found the best stone he could find to serve as a grave marker before saying good bye to his father for the last time.

For several years, the boy lived alone in a faraway village by living off the wealth he gained from the silk cloths and also from doing meager tasks to earn money or food to survive. With no land to till, he had no choice but to be a wandering mercenary. When he realized that he no longer physically ages since he reached twenty, he had no choice but to leave the village he settled in especially when the people around him started to be suspicious of him. There were times that he finds himself in a place he doesn’t remember venturing to and times when there are blank spaces in his memory. Over time, these became more common that it made him anxious especially when he finds himself surrounded by either by unconscious or dead people, one of the other reasons he has to leave a place. Ten more harvests came to pass with this sort of living until the young man reached a particular village on the verge of being devoured by a neighboring village that was much, much stronger. He wanted to cross out the idea of staying in that place since it had been giving off such an ominous aura. On his way out of the reaches of the village, along the forest path he came across a woman clad in white that complimented her slender frame, her hood covering half of her face. She gave an alluring smile and yet it made him uneasy, finding her smile too eerie to even find pretty. He was frozen in her presence as she slowly came closer to him and when she did, she took his hand and placed it upon her chest. Just when he wanted to kindly ask her to let go of him, he heard himself say something he wasn’t even thinking.
”You think I’d be interested with a meatless shrimp? Not only does the body have no value, more so the head!”

After seeing a glimpse of the woman’s angry and terrifying features, where the entirety of her eyes were black that was further emphasized by her ghostly white skin, he blacked out again.

It turned out that what he encountered was a vengeful goddess named “Amanozako” who happens to be the celebrated deity from the mentioned neighboring village. She came to subdue the poor village by force, to make them agree to merge the two villages under her “patronage”. No matter how vile a prayer, she will comply with the right price. Humans were indeed such evil creatures she believed, but she thought that’s what makes her once boring existence worthwhile and amusing. Deeply offended from her encounter with the wandering young man, she decides to temporarily take his form and play a “demon” to terrorize it. She killed half the men from that village, significantly cutting their fighting force direly. She spared a few just in time until “help” arrived. She weaved a pretentious play of a hero’s tale for the onmyouji who serve her, making them to believe the wanderer was the cause of all this. They immediately located where he was and entered a battle with him. They were easily overpowered since the said “demon” fought so valiantly, killing some of them. And when he was about to escape, a very powerful seal conjured by the onmyōdō elder binds him with chains materialized from a magic circle, successful subduing him and making him struggle and writhe helplessly in pain . Just when the elder was about to extinguish the demon’s life, the “kind” goddess Amanozako stopped him in time and suggested to spare him because the demon was just a Halfling, still possessing human blood. The elder complied because it was the goddess’s wish. From where the half-demon was sealed, there built a fake shrine to hide him and it went into ruins immediately. Over time, people forgot the slaughter and what slept in that dilapidated building, eventually making everyone believe it was just a haunted rundown shrine. He went into a deep slumber for several decades, undisturbed, until a young girl stumbled upon his resting place...

The story continues… [link] (See Miru's History)

  • Keisuke Yamamoto (京佑 山本) : Saine’s Father. A humble farmer who lives alone as he tends to the lands his late father had left him until he met Yua. He is currently deceased.
  • Yua (結愛): Saine’s mother. A harionna who was said to terrorize desolate roads somewhere in the Iyo province (presently called Ehime) after dark. Nothing is known about her ever since her disappearance.
      Taken from Wikipedia: Harionago or Harionna (針女) is a "frightening female ghoul" in Japanese mythology. Her name literally meaning "Barbed woman" the Harionago is said to be a "beautiful woman with extremely long hair tipped with thorn-like barbs," Her hair is under her "direct control, and she uses it to ensnare men." When she finds a "young man, she will laugh at him, and if the young man dares to laugh back, Harionago will drop her terrible, barbed hair and attack."

  • Miru Izanami: Saine’s Lover Human Contractor.
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