Sylvia Black Icon Picture

This is the Icon that graces the blog solely about the story I have about Sylvia.

"After losing her fiancé in an accident set off by a terrorist organization, Ms. Sylvia Black joins the police force of Speed City in honor of his memory and to protect the people she loves.

Equipped with government funded bionic limbs, she sets about keeping the streets of the hypermodern Speed City in shape and free of crime.

But it seems the terrorist organization who took the one person she loved with all her heart, is on the rise again...

-Set in the desert, Speed City is a utopia popular for gambling and entertainment. This is a story in progress, with lots of Egyptian mythology and influence. "

~Sylvia Black on Tumblr~

It barely got started, but if you have an questions or general curiousities, please let me know!
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