Mielikki Picture

Something I drew while wainting other people's lesson to end at computer class. I listened quite a bit girly talk about boys and men, without being able to really contribute, as I don't really care about apperance of people or talking relationship proplems of people I don't even know xDDD

I thought her as Mielikki, in Finnish mythology shes Forest God Tapio's wife, and she's responsible of cleaning, decorating and gracing everything living in a forest. Hunters were also needed to pray luck from her, and be very nice and polite while going trough her fields, or otherwise you would have bad catch.

She's good healer and especially responsible of small pray of the forest. If humans ever met her, they probably thought her to be some old man, as he often dressed in his husbands clothes to merge into forest. So you could go just by the mighty Goddess of Forest just thinking he's some traveling old man^^

She's mother of three daughters Annikki, Tellervo and Tuulikki (well at least Tellervo and Tuulikki, folktales are always a bit vague) and son, Nyyrikki. Tellervo and Nyyrikki are bigger entities, Nyyrikki is God of Hunting, and Tellervo is responsible of cattle and small pray. I'm not sure that I remember correctly, but I think Tuulikki was Sprite of Wind (well duh, "tuuli" means wind) and Annikki might have been Sprite of Dusk. But it's been a long time since I studied these xD

And does anyone care xD Well, ihad fun while writing this xD.
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